New in R2018

This page describes the changes made to UniPlot R2018 since UniPlot version R2017.

New in R2018.3 (30 November 2018)

Bug Fixes

  • (ID4194): Open an IPW/IPZ in Windows Explorer: If UniPlot was not already running, it would start but not open the document. It would only open the document, if UniPlot was already running.
  • (ID4295): Image embedded in text: A image in a table cell was not displayed correctly, if the scaling option was not specified. The image was cropped at the top edge.
  • (ID4301): MarkerSetFillColor: The transparency of markers could not be set.
  • (ID4303): nc_to_obj: Channels with symbols in the name, for example a period, were missing in the result object.
  • (ID4306): Data=>3D Color Legend: If the number of elements was changed (number of iso line values) the font of added elements was modified.
  • (ID4309): In some cases, UniPlot would be closed without saving any modified documents, if an editor window was closed.
  • (ID4310): Edit Object=>Table: Pasting data from clipboard failed, if the clipboard contained data from more than one table cell.
  • (ID4311): Edit=>Object Properties=>Picture: The dialog box could not be displayed. Instead of the dialog box an error message was displayed, if an image was double clicked.
  • (ID4312): auto_xyz_RelDiv: If a relative difference map was created and the divisor was 0, a message box with the massage that all 0 values will be set to 0.01. Now, instead of a message box, a log warning will be added to the event window.

New in R2018.2 (26 October 2018)


  • Data=>Threshold (Range): The threshold can be specified as a range. The range is displayed as a bar in the diagram.
  • sqlite3: Update to version 3.25.2 (2018-09-25).
  • Data=>Data Exchange (Page): If necessary, the distinction of the data sources by record filters can be switched off. The option is useful, if several record filters have been defined, but the data exchange does not have to be edited.
  • New and changed UniScript functions, see UniScript R2018.

Bug Fixes

  • (ID4278): Edit Object=>Table Configuration: The position reference (eg left-top) was not applied.
  • (ID4284): Import of IFILE Data Files: The real-time results (RTP) were not correctly written to the NC file or were missing in the NC file.
  • (ID4286): Import of MDF4 Files: Importing MDF4 files with very large data blocks (> 2 GB) could fail. Now large blocks are broken up into smaller blocks.
  • (ID4287): File=>Send to PowerPoint: Until UniPlot R2018.1 pages were sent to PowerPoint as EMFDual files. The format was causing problems with the page size. In some cases the pages were displayed too small. The problem occurred, if only a section of the data had been displayed in the diagram. The pages are now transferred as an EMF file to avoid the error.
  • (ID4290): ncdump.exe: The ncdump.exe did not start to dump the specified NC2 file.
  • (ID4292): DialogBox: If the dialog contained a report control with a static text box with a button, the button covered the complete field when activating.
  • (ID4293): File=>PDF-Export: If a page contained a diagram or drawing object with a color gradient, the top color was displayed at the bottom as a bar.

New in R2018.1 (24 August 2018)


  • Error bars: The data for error bars can now be loaded from channels. To do this, choose “2D: x/y Errorbars” in the Data Browser. A channel for the positive error and a channel for the negative error must be selected.

Bug Fixes

  • (ID4262): ASAM-ODS Browser (CORBA): The password for the ASAM ODS server had to be reentered over and over again by some users. To correct the error, the password is saved using a new method: It is necessary to re-enter the password for the first access. The password will be stored encrypted.
  • (ID4264): The diagram grid was not displayed when a dotted or dashed line type was selected. The grid lines were missing in the export result as well.
  • (ID4265): Edit=>Copy Page: PowerPoint/Word Export: Sometimes datasets were missing, if a document page was copied to the clipboard with Copy page and inserted into Word, PowerPoint or other client programs.
  • (ID4266): If a UniPlot page was inserted into Word or PowerPoint as a WMF, EMF, EMF+ or EMFDual image, the element was missing, if the document was saved as a PDF document. The error did not occur, if the PDF file was created via a printer driver.
  • (ID4268): ASAM-ODS Browser (CORBA): The ODS session was not closed.
  • (ID4271): In a rare case, pages of a UniPlot document could not be displayed, if Direct2d was used for the screen output. UniPlot would crash, if the page was activated. The graphic library can be selected the in the Tools=>More Options dialog box in the Installation page.
  • (ID4272): DialogBox: If a report element contained an edit field such as in the data exchange dialog box, the left and right error key could not be used to move the cursor in the text. The control would lose the input focus.
  • (ID4273): Edit Object=>Table Configuration: Numbers in table cells can now also be displayed in e-format or in hexadecimal format.
  • (ID4276): DocCopyPage did not copy WMF images correctly. The image was missinge in the destination document. In some cases the image in the source document was removed as well. This bug occured in the File=>Merge Documents command.

New in R2018.0 (28 June 2018)


  • UniPlot R2017 uses GDI+ instead of GDI (Graphics Device Interface) in R2016 and before. GDI+ supports transparency and anti-aliasing. Unfortunately, the output speed for GDI+ in R2017 was not satisfactory, so in R2018 the Direct2D interface (with hardware acceleration) has been added. Direct2D archieves a very good presentation quality at high speed.

    In R2018, the graphic interface can be switched between GDI, GDI + and Direct2D at runtime, see AppSetGDI and AppGetGDI.

    The interface can also be selected with the command Tools=>More Options (Page Installation).

  • UniPlot now uses Windows Imaging Component (WIC) to display bitmaps.

  • Windows metafiles (vector graphics wmf, emf, emf +, emf + dual) can be generated using GDI or GDI+.

  • Edit=>Copy Page: OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) was removed in R2017. It is enabled again in R2018. This means that document pages in PowerPoint can be modified by a double click on the element, if the page was created using the Edit=>Copy Page command. OLE does not support transparency. Attached images are also not supported with OLE (see Edit=>Attachments).

  • The command File=>Metafile/Bitmap-Export has been extended (more and higher resolutions and EMF, EMF+ (Enhanced Metafile Format Plus Extensions), EMF+Dual).

  • Simple formulas can be embedded into UniPlot table objects, see Edit Object=>Table. A formula begins with an equal sign and must be inserted into the name field of a table object. Example: =sum(A1:A10) calculates the sum of the first column of row 1 to 10.


    Simple formula in the cell name field:

  • Data=>2D Bit Dataset: New dataset type to display bit values. Example:

  • New and modified UniScript functions, see UniScript R2018.

Bug Fixes

  • (ID4176): The PDF export was relatively slow in R2017. Instead of GDI+, UniPlot R2018 is using GDI again to create the PDF file as in UniPlot R2016.
  • (ID4249): Import/Export of TDM Files: The TDM export failed, if an attribute in the NC file contained more than one element. For example, the NC attribute XStart_XDelta contains two Numerical values.
  • (ID4256): Import of IFILE Data Files: An error occured, if an IFiles contained with the data type long or float and the data was saved with variable crank angle division.
  • (ID4257): Data=>Threshold (Range): The option Show threshold line in legend was not evaluated correctly.
  • (ID4258): Import of CAN Files: If GIN data had contained time gaps greater, than approx. 70 minutes, the gaps were not correctly added to the time channel.
  • (ID4259): ExcelReadEx: If called with two return parameters, numerical values were only saved with 6 significant digits. Now the values are saved with 16 significant digits in the text matrix.