The Addin RS_AODS4 is an extension for UniPlot to access an ASAM-ODS database with a Corba interface.


Open the Addin Manager (Tools=>Add-In Manager an mark the Addin ASAM-ODS Browser with Corba Interface (API 5.3.0).

After the restart the File menu should show two new items: “AODS-5 Browser” and “AODS-5 Change Login”.



During the first access to the database the user must login.


For the login the computer name or IP number the Port name, the Binding name must be specified. The standard port is 2809.

A list of bindings can be displayed by clicking on the ... button.

The login information are saved under a name.

Only one database can be accessed simultaneously. To switch to a different database choose File=>AODS-5 Change Login.


The browser will display the data in a tree control (elements AoTest, AoSubTest, AoMeasurement to AoSubmatrix).


To create an NC file from a measurement (submatrix) select the element and click on the => button. The application and instance attributes will be added to the NC file as global attributes.

The NC file will be saved in the displayed folder.

All submatrices of a measurement are copied into one NC file if a measurement is selected in the browser. If a specific submatrix is selected, only the data of the selected submatrix is copied into the NC file.

The file name is created from the names of the elements AoTest, AoSubTest, AoMeasurement, AoSubMatrix, separated by an underscore.

If the database uses IDs greater then 2^32-1, the IDs will be displayed in the dialog box in the following form: 12345:123 (lowbytes:highbytes).


To view or edit the data click on the Edit button.


Changes to the data will not be saved in the server.


To use the browser in UniScript files the AODS4_GetNCNames() function can be invoked. The function returns a string vector with NC file names or the string “DLG_CANCEL”. See also Overview ASAM-ODS.


Version Description
R2015.3 Merge submatrices added.
R2020.3 Error corrected for 64 bit instance IDs.


If you have any problems using the browser please do not hesitate to contact us.