Tools=>Dataset Style ConfigurationΒΆ

Use this function to add, remove or change 2D or 3D dataset styles.

Dataset Style will be listed in a combo box on the toolbar.


To change the style of one or more datasets, select the dataset with the mouse. Then choose a style from the Dataset Style field in the toolbar.

Add 2D Style/Add 3D Style

The specified name will be added to the combo box in the toolbar. Choose a name that easily distinguishes between styles for 2D and 3D datasets. The new style will be initialized with a default dataset style. To change the style, you must assign it the name of a curve style (see below).

Copy Style

Creates a copy of the selected style.

Delete Style

Removes the selected dataset style from the combo box in the toolbar.

Rename Style

Renames the selected curve style.

One up/One down

Moves a style to a new position within the style list located in the toolbar.

Save Style as

This functions saves the active dataset file under a different name. Add the extension .sty and save it in the UniPlot Template Directory.

Load Style

Loads a dataset style file from disk. Dataset styles are displayed in the combo box located in the toolbar.


This button will open the following dialog box:



Beginning with UniPlot 4.0.3 style files are are saved in the XML text format.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='iso-8859-1'?>

<style-xy name='2D-Red'
 x-delta='1' />

<style-xy name='2D-Blue'
 marker-fill-color='white' />

<style-xyz name='3D-bubble'