10. Overview SQLiteΒΆ

SQLite databases can be created and edited with the functions described here. SQLite is a public domain SQL database embedded in UniPlot. More information can be found at http://www.sqlite.org.

Documentation for SQLite 3, see http://sqlite.org/docs.html.

  sqlite3 Functions
sqlite3_busy_timeout sqlite3_busy_timeout sets the time limit to open a locked SQLite database.
sqlite3_close sqlite3_close closes the open SQLite database.
sqlite3_execute sqlite3_execute executes an SQL command.
sqlite3_last_insert_rowid sqlite3_last_insert_rowid returns the integer primary key of the last INSERT command.
sqlite3_libencoding sqlite3_libencoding returns the SQLite database string coding. In this version it returns utf-8.
sqlite3_libversion sqlite3_libversion returns the SQLite library version.
sqlite3_open sqlite3_open opens an SQLite database. If the database does not exist it will be created.

More information at SQLite (SQL).

  sqlite Functions
sqlite_busy_timeout Removed, use sqlite3_busy_timeout.
sqlite_close Removed, use sqlite3_close.
sqlite_execute Removed, use sqlite3_execute.
sqlite_last_insert_rowid Removed, use sqlite3_last_insert_rowid.
sqlite_libencoding Removed, use sqlite3_libencoding.
sqlite_libversion sqlite_libversion returns the SQLite library version.
sqlite_open Removed, use sqlite3_open.