Data=>2D Bit DatasetΒΆ

The dialog box is used to configure the 2D bit datasets in a diagram.



The configuration will be saved under the channel name.
Displays the selected channel
Displays a color scheme.
Click the check box to select the bit. A name can be specified for each bit. The name will be displayed at the y axis. The offset will be used as an y-offset to change the order and position in the diagram.



To open the dialog box, double click on one of the datasets.

To create bit datasets, choosen 2D: X/Y Bit in the Type field in the data browser. Choose the channel with the bit values as the Y channel. Click the Load button or drag the Y channel into a diagram. Before the datasets are created, the dialog box is displayed to select the bits. The settings are saved under the Y channel name.

The bits are all loaded in one diagram. Each bit separated by one unit.

The bit oder in the diagram can be modified using the Offset value. The bits are sorted by the Offset value. To apply a fill color to the selected bits, open the color combo box and select a color scale.