XYSetProps sets the dataset properties of a 2D dataset.

bool = XYSetProps(hData, ssProps)

Return Value

If the function succeeds, the return value bool is TRUE (1); otherwise it is FALSE (0).



The handle of a dataset created with XYCreate or TYCreate.


ssProps is a scalar string with NAME='VALUE'-pairs. Each pair sets one property. The property pairs are separated by a blank, a newline or a tab character.


XYSetProps(hData, "marker='1'  marker-style='circle'");


The following table contains all properties of a 2D dataset. The column Type contains the valid value range. A property can have one of the following data types: bool, int, double, color, curve_style, marker_style.

bool is the value ‘0’ or ‘1’. ‘0’ means the off, false and‘1’ means on or true.

int is an in integer number (‘1’, ‘-1’, ‘144’).

double is a real number like ‘1.23’, ‘5000’, ‘1e3’.

color is a name like ‘mediumblue’ (see color table), or a value like ‘#0000CD’ or an expression of the form ‘rgb(0,0,205)’. The follwing form sets the transparency ‘argb(127,0,0,205)’.

curve_style can be ‘solid’ (or ‘0’), ‘dash’, ‘dot’, ‘dashdot’, ‘dashdotdot’ ( or ‘4’).

marker_style can be one of the following values:


or the int value ‘0’ to ‘20’.

Setting Type Default-Value Comment
bar bool '0'  
bar-base-pos int '1' ‘0’: Bar origin is the minimum axis value, ‘1’ The origin is set to the drop value (see XYSetDropValue).
bar-fill-color color 'red'  
bar-fill-alpha int '255' '0': transparent, '255': opaque, Exception: The value '1' sets alpha to opaque to be compatible to older versions.
bar-hatch-color color 'black'  
bar-hatch-distance double '0.3' Distance between the hatch lines in centimeters.
bar-hatch-offset double '0.0'  
bar-hatch-style int '2'  
bar-hatch-width int '2'  
bar-pen-color color 'black'  
bar-pen-type curve_style 'solid'  
bar-pen-width int '4'  
bar-pos double '0'  
bar-type int '0'  
bar-width double '0.5'  
bar-width-type int '0' 0 = width in centimers, 1 = width in percent of the diagram width.
bar-fill-type int '1'  
curve bool '1'  
curve-color color 'black'  
curve-style curve_style 'solid'  
curve-width int '4'  
data-scale-x-factor double '1.0'  
data-scale-x-offset double '0.0'  
data-scale-y-factor double '1.0'  
data-scale-y-offset double '0.0'  
drop-pen bool '0'  
drop-pen-color color 'black'  
drop-pen-style int '0'  
drop-pen-width int '1'  
err-bar bool '0'  
err-bar-x-attrib int '0'  
err-bar-x-cap-pen-width int '2'  
err-bar-x-cap-width double '0.2'  
err-bar-x-pen-color color 'black'  
err-bar-x-pen-style curve_style 'solid'  
err-bar-x-pen-width int '1'  
err-bar-x-value double '0.03'  
err-bar-y-attrib int '0'  
err-bar-y-cap-pen-width int '2'  
err-bar-y-cap-width double '0.2'  
err-bar-y-pen-color color 'black'  
err-bar-y-pen-style curve_style 'solid'  
err-bar-y-pen-width int '1'  
err-bar-y-value double '0.03'  
fill bool '0'  
fill-color color 'red'  
fill-alpha int '255' '0': transparent, '255': opaque, Exception: The value '1' sets alpha to opaque to be compatible with older versions.
filter-functions string ''  
filter-functions-on int '0' Set to '1' to enable the filter functions.
hatch-color color 'black'  
hatch-distance double '0.3'  
hatch-offset double '0.0'  
hatch-style int '2'  
hatch-width double '2'  
info-text string '\*'  
legend-text string '\*'  
marker int '0'  
marker-edge-color color 'black'  
marker-edge-width int '1'  
marker-fill-color color 'red'  
marker-fill-alpha int '255' '0': transparent, '255': opaque, Exception: The value '1' sets alpha to opaque to be compatible with older versions.
marker-frequency int '1'  
marker-original bool '1'  
marker-size double '0.2'  
marker-style marker_style 'circle'  
marker-transparent bool '0'  
name string ''  
x-delta double '0.0'  
x-start double '0.0'  
y-base double '0.0'  


bar-type set the bar alignment.

‘0’ horizontal
‘1’ vertical

bar-fill-type sets the bar filling.

‘0’ No filling
‘1’ Color filling
‘2’ Hatch filling
‘3’ Color and hatch filling

filter-functions sets the filter functions. Different filter functions are available: smooth data, calculate a spline, fit data etc. For a list of filter functions see Filter Functions for XY datasets.


XYSetProps(hData, "filter-functions-on='1' filter-functions='sort(); akimaspline()'");

Color Table