Diagram=>X/Y/Z-Axis=>User LabelΒΆ

Axis labels can be edited in this dialog box.


Label Font

Opens the dialog box to set the font.

Standard Label

Opens the dialog box to configure the standard labels. See Diagram=>X/Y/Z-Axis=>Label.

User Label

Each line in the text field can contain a label. A label starts with the value, followed by an equal sign, followed by the display text. Example: 1.0 = On. The text can be empty. Example: 2.5 =. For an empty user label a grid line will be displayed.

The label is visible, if the value is in the range of axis scale. To create a label with multiple lines, insert \\n as a line separator.

Display User Label

Enables the display of the user labels.

Display Standard Label

Enables the display of the standard labels.

Enable Autoload User Label

If checked, the labels are loaded if the y channel of the dataset contains the NC attribute _nc_enum. Example: _nc_enum = 15|SNA|8|RUN|7|UNDEF|0|OK.

Skip Overlapping Label

If checked, the standard labels are not displayed if they overlap with a user label.

** Display Grid for User Label**

If checked, the grid will only be displayed for the user labels.


Axis labels can be plotted horizontally or rotated by +90 or -90 degrees.

Rel. Position

Labels can be moved relative to their standard position in centimeters.

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