Edit=>Copy Page

Copies the active UniPlot document to the clipboard.

UniPlot supports Object Linking and Embedding (OLE).

To copy the active diagram to another program, do the following:

  • Copy the diagram to the clipboard with Edit=>Copy Page.
  • Start the program in which you want to insert the UniPlot diagram. Programs well suited to this task are Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.
  • Set the cursor at the diagram’s new position.
  • Choose Edit=>Paste.

If your application program supports OLE (Write and Excel do), then the diagram will be embedded. Not only will the picture be embedded, but all of the information needed to create the diagram will be as well.

You can also copy the picture on its own to the application program (Command: Insert new Object). This is a recommendation for low performance computers since a lot of data must be transferred in order to link and embed objects. The disadvantage is that you will not be able to alter the diagram anymore. For example, if you want to insert an isoline to the diagram, you must then delete the picture, call up UniPlot, load the required file (if it still exists), insert the isoline, copy the picture to the clipboard, and then insert it into the document again. However, when you embed, all you must do to make changes is to click the UniPlot object. UniPlot will automatically start and the object transferred to UniPlot.

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