This function saves the selected document pages as a picture file.




Type Description
WMF, WMZ Windows Meta File and Windows Meta File compressed
EMF, EMZ Enhanced Meta File and Enhanced Meta File compressed
EMF+, EMZ+ Enhanced Meta File with Extensions (Z: Compressed).
EMF+Dual, EMZ+Dual EMF und EMF+ in einer gemeinsamen Datei.


Type Description
BMP, BMZ Bitmap and Bitmap compressed
JPG JPEG File Interchange-Format
PNG Portable Network Graphics
TIFF Tagged Image File Format
GIF Graphics Interchange Format
Supported values are 96, 300 and 600 DPI. If you need a different resolution (up to 1400 DPI) you can use the upimage.exe program.
Background Color
For the PNG and TIF format the color and transparency can be set.
Selet one or more pages. Select multiple pages by dragging the mouse or press the Shift-key to select a range of pages. Single pages can be selected by holding down the CTRL-key.
Save Graphic Files in Directory
Specifiy a directory for the export result.
Use Page Name only as File Name
If this check box is not selected the file name is created from the document name and the page name, for example docname-pagename.png.


Version Description
R2018.6 Background color can be set for PNG and TIF
R2018 EMF+, EMF+Dual added.

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