Edit=>Copy FormatΒΆ

Copies format properties from the active diagram or drawing object to other selected diagrams or drawing objects.



  • Change all the formatting for one object, e. g. a text object.
  • Select the modified object and click on the brush button in the tool bar.
  • The Copy Format dialog box opens and all elements of the same type are displayed.
  • In the Style list, check all elements you want to copy.
  • Select all objects in the object list and click on the Assign Style button.


The filter can be used to search for objects in the list.

Object List

The list displays all elements in the document of the same type as the object displayed in the title bar. The active element is marked with an asterix in the ID column. This element is the source for the copy process.

If an element in the list is selected, it will be activated in the document.

Use the Ctrl-Key and the Shift-Key to select multiple elements and Ctrl+A to select all elements in the list.

Edit Tag

For each object a tag can be specified. A tag is simply a key word or a list of keywords separated by a space to sort and search the list of objects. It can be set for one or multiple objects in the list.

Edit Style

The button opens the style editor.


The style editor can be used to create new styles or modified existing styles. Each style contains a number of properties, for example the Size element contains the properties width, height and auto-size of an object.

See Edit=>Copy Format=>Style Editor

Assign Properties

If this button is pressed, the selected format properties are copied form the source object to the selected objects in the object list.

Undo last assign

The last assign can be undone. The command iterates over all modified document pages.


The style settings are saved in the user-directory (Help=>Open User Directory) in the file C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\UniPlot\Settings\props.xml.