Tools=>More Options


Paths and Files

User Home Directory

In this field, the user home directory is shown. For more information about the user home directory, see GetUserDirectory.

NEW Command Template File Location

A complete file name (with drive and directory) for a template file can be created in this field. The template file will be used for the File=>New command. If a name is not entered, a standard template will be used.

Global Options File Location

Global Options File Location.

Search Path for Automation Script Files

The search path field can contain more than one path. UniPlot will load all ic files found in each specified path. Separate paths with a semi-colon.

See also “Overview Automation”.

Report Directory for Excel Templates

This is the directory where the Excel templates are saved which are accessed by the command “File=>More File Functions=>Excel Report”.

Search Path for linked Image Files

More than one path can be specified. Each path is separated by a semi-colon. Picture files (.GIF, .PNG, .JPG, .BMP, .WMF, .EMF) located in one of the specified directories can be entered in the “”Edit=>Object Properties=>Picture” dialog without a path. Pictures without a path specified are searched first in the IPW file directory and than in the search path for linked image files.

Search Path for Style Order Files (*.smp)

This is the directory where the style order files are saved. The directory must exist. (see “Tools=>Dataset Style Order Configuration”).

The directory name is saved in the Windows registry under “Settings/StyleOrderDir”.

Save Document files compact

UniPlot uses compound documents for IPW files. Compound documents are similar to a file system. If elements are deleted, a gap will remain which may be used for new elements. To remove the unused gaps the file must be rewritten completely. The write operation may be slow for large files and/or for slow drives.

Option enabled: If the file contains more than 50 percent gaps, the file will be saved compactly. (Default)

Option disabled: File will be saved compactly only ones in a while.

User Name

User Name

The user name (operator) will be copied to the field “Author” in the summary information (see “File=>Summary Info”) when a new document is created. The name can be displayed in a document page with the help of a field function (see “Field Functions”). Create a new text object and type in the following text: “@f{summaryinfo(Author)}”.

Data Import and Data Browser

Data File Directory

A directory name for data files converted to UniPlot data files (nc2) can be entered into this field. If a directory is not created, the nc2 files will be saved in the Source File Directory. This directory must exist. It can be created with the help of the File Manager.

Delayed Channel Import

This option is currently only supported for the MDF and TDM Import filter. If this option is checked the data channels are loaded on demand. This shortens the loading time significantly.


Help System

You can use the online help either with the Microsoft help system (HtmlHelp, MS-Help) or display the help with your web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, …).

The Microsoft-Help-System is used (HtmlHelp).
HtmlHelp (local)
The Microsoft-Help-System is used (HtmlHelp). The helf files will be copied (*.chm) from the UniPlot setup to your UniPlot User directory. (see GetUserDirectory). This option should be used if UniPlot is installed on a network drive and the help system cannot be opened correctly. See also (You cannot open remote content by using the InfoTech protocol after you install security update 896358, security update 840315, or Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1).
The help system is opened over the Internet ( or and will be displayed in your web browser.
Local HTML files
The help files will be displayed in your web browser. To use this option you must download the help file from (German) or (English) and unzip the file into the UniPlot-Help directory, for example c:\program files\uniplot\help.

See also AppHelpOptions.

Update UniPlot Start Menu

Update UniPlot Desktop Icon

Update UniPlot Quick Launch Icon

This option has only effect if you are working with more than one UniPlot installation.

If this option is checked the UniPlot menu item is updated if the installation path has changed since the last UniPlot start.

Check for Updates

UniPlot can check for updates daily or weekly. If you do not want UniPlot to check for updates select never.

Graphics Rendering Screen

nGDIType Typ Description
1 GDI Used in all versions including UniPlot R2016. Faster than GDI+. No support for transparency or anti aliasing etc.
2 GDI+ Introduced with UniPlot R2017. Better output qualitiy than GDI, but slower.
3 Direct2D (Default) Hardware accelerated output. Introduced with UniPlot R2018. Quality compareable with GDI+ and faster than GDI.

Graphics Rendering Printer

nGDIType Typ Description
1 GDI (Default) Used in all versions including UniPlot R2016. Faster than GDI+. No support for transparency or anti aliasing etc.
2 GDI+ Introduced with UniPlot R2017. Better output qualitiy than GDI, but slower.

Diagram Options

Plot 2D bars on top of the grid

If not checked diagram grid will be plotted on top of the bars. Otherwise the bars will be plotted on top of the grid.

Default value is 0.

Add extra space for autoscale (one percent)

If checked: One percent of the data range will be added to the data range before the autoscale function is invoked to make sure that the curves do not end exactly on the diagram axes.

Default value is 0.

Decimal and Thousands Separators

Selects the number format in IPZ/IPW documents. The number format is used to display axes labels, Numbers in table cells and text objects.

UniPlot Document Options

Copy On Open

Enabled: UniPlot documents saved on a network drive are copied onto the local computer.

Disabled: UniPlot documents saved on a network drive are opened directly.

Use a background process to save the document

Enabled: UniPlot starts a separate process to save the modified document. Much faster.

Disabled: UniPlot saves the document.

Remove backup files

Enabled: The old document is removed, if the new document was saved successfully.

Disabled: The old document is kept as a backup.


The Tools=>More Options function is written in UniScript. The source code is found in the file script\uniplot\tools-options.ic. New options can be added using the option_add function.

The settings are saved in the Windows registry, see UniPlot’s Use of the Windows Registry.