Sort channel names alphabetically
If this option is checked the channels are sorted in alphabetical order.
Use channel name list
Using this option, one can sort the channels as desired.
Display data scaled (Eval attributes ‘add_offset’ and ‘scale_factor’)
see Standard Attributes.
Use number format from NC file (Eval attribute ‘C_format’)
see Standard Attributes.
Decimal Places
Is used if a channel attribute C_format is not specified. see Standard Attributes.
Mark formula channels (Eval attribute ‘_channel_type’)
see Formula Interpreter 1 - Introduction.
Enter key direction to right instead of down
Check this option if you would like set the focus to the next value in the row instead of the next value in the column after pressing the Enter key.
Max. number of frozen channels
Default value is 6.
Column Width
The auto value sets the column width to automatically fit the contents (auto fit). A value (6 .. 128) sets the number of characters that can be displayed in a cell.
Display channels in rows
If this option is checked the channls are listed in rows instead of columns.

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