Bug Fixes R2013

Bug Fixes R2013.15

  • (ID3731): Export of document pages in the BMZ format failed (File=>Metafile/Bitmap-Export).

  • (ID3732): Data Browser: Drag and Drop: If an IPW/IPZ file contained 1D datasets from different measurements, loading new 1D datasets by dragging channels from the channel list failed. The required datasets were not created.

  • (ID3734): excel_create: The function did not return an error object in case of an error (error_create).

  • (ID3735): Transparent GIF or PNG files (Edit=>Insert Graphic) in UniPlot documents were missing in exported bitmap files (BMP , BMZ, PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF) or not displayed correctly in vector graphic documents (WMF, WMZ , WMF , EMF, EMZ , EPS, PDF). (See also File=>Metafile/Bitmap-Export, File=>EPS/PDF-Export). The error has been partially corrected. The bitmap formats as well as EMF and EMZ have been corrected.

    Problems remain for WMF, WMZ, EPS, PDF, and the export via the clipboard (WMF is currently used as the clipboard format).

  • (ID3736): The log and log10 functions could not process negative arguments, for example log(-1) returned -1.#IND instead of 0+3.1416i.

  • (ID3738): ST_complement: The call with three parameters returned an incorrect value for some values, e.g. ST_complement([1,2,3], [0,0,0,1], -1) returns -1 instead of 0. This was a bug since version R2013.10.

  • (ID3739): Import of MDF4 Files: String channels were not loaded.

  • (ID3740): Import of IFILE Data Files: Sometimes, the IFile import failed, if the file contained data objects. For example the data object contains the operating parameters 29 to 99.

  • (ID3742): The hot key F11 is used to debug UniScript functions (UniScript=>Step into function). If the F11 key was used outside the editor UniPlot would crash.

  • (ID3746): Formula Interpreter 1 - Introduction: The handling of missing values could not be disabled. This bug was in all versions since R2013.11.

Bug Fixes R2013.14

  • (ID3705): NC_AddFiles: An error occurred, if the records of a text channel (NC_CHAR) were added to a real channel (e.g. NC_FLOAT).
  • (ID3707): The obj_copy function was incorrect in versions R2013.12 and R2013.13. It sometimes caused a memory access violation.
  • (ID3708): The obj_load function was incorrect, if the object was loaded from a string and the string contained any non-ASCII characters. In addition, the function could not be used in the form of obj.load (s, 1 ).
  • (ID3709): NC_Interpolation: To determine the time range of the data file, only the first time channel was used. If this channel contained only one data point, the function failed. Now, the maximum time range is calculated using all time channels in the NC file.
  • (ID3710): DialogBox: A text element of the template vector was truncated after 136 characters, although the field size was 1024 characters.
  • (ID3714): If multiple MDF data files were imported and opened parallel to one another, (NC or NC2) and the option Delayed Loading was activated, an error occurred when closing the NC data files. The first call of nc_close closed all MDF data files.
  • (ID3715): Formula Interpreter 1 - Introduction: If the option “Do not overwrite imported channels” was marked and all formula channels already existed in the NC file, an error occurred when applying the formula interpreter.
  • (ID3716): Close All Documents: The Save All and Save None buttons have been switched. If the return key on the keyboard was used to close the dialog box, UniPlot closed all documents without saving the documents because the Save None button had the focus.
  • (ID3717): The PDF-Export failed, if the 64 bit UniPlot version could not find the 32 bit Ghostscript-DLL.
  • (ID3724): NC2 files: In some cases the read command failed for NC2 files.
  • (ID3725): Some memory leaks have been fixed. Because of the memory leak, only 65535 datasets could be created in one session.
  • (ID3727): The File List Window did not display functions with multiple return values in the Open UniScript Files element. Example: def <a,b> = func(c,d).

Bug Fixes R2013.13

  • (ID3614): On some computers IPW/IPZ files could not be opened with a double click in the explorer. This was possibly a subsequent error of ID3697.
  • (ID3674): Import of IFILE Data Files: If the heat release calculation was activated and the IFile contained an incomplete cycle at the end, the import failed.
  • (ID3675): XYReload: In some cases, the dataset import failed because of an uninitialized variable.
  • (ID3676): ch: If a formula was executed for an MDF data file and the file contained channels with one data point only, the formula could fail and the channel was not calculated.
  • (ID3680): The Data Editor: If the data type of a channel did not match the data type of the attribute “missing_value”, the function used the the value 1e10, instead of the value specified in “missing_value”. Now the value is used independently of the data type.
  • (ID3683): RegOpen did not work correctly. In some cases, the 64-bit version accessed the registry keys of the 32-bit registry section.
  • (ID3684): nc_copy did not copy correctly, if the source file contained a record dimension.
  • (ID3685): Registration of the UniPlot Type Library was faulty. Therefore, the COM interface could not be used, except if a older version of UniPlot was installed previously on the computer.
  • (ID3686): Data Editor: The “Save As” command did not change the file format NC <=> NC2, because the CopyFile function was used. Now, nc_copy is used to be able to save an NC file in the NC2 format an vice versa.
  • (ID3688): The RegDelete function could not be used to remove keys in HKEY_LOCAL_MASCHINE.
  • (ID3689): version could only return the internal version number, for example 5.51.3 and not the version number in the form “R2013.13”.
  • (ID3694): The uninstall program did not remove all files (see Deinstallation).
  • (ID3695): VB Script with UniPlot-COM: Uniplot did not terminate automatically:

    Dim app
    set app = CreateObject("UniPlot.Application")
    MsgBox "sin(1) = " & app.call("sin", 1), 0,"VBS"
    app = 0

    The error occurred because the Datenbrowser was not disabled in automation.

  • (ID3696): The uninstall program (see Deinstallation) of the 32bit version did remove the icon “R2013” of the 64-bit version and not the icon “R2013-win32”.

  • (ID3697): RegSetValue did only write one 0-byte at the end of string values instead of two 0-bytes.
  • (ID3698): Diagram=>X/Y/Z-Axis=>Title: The x-axis title was overwritten, if a dataset was loaded, even though the option Protect Axis Title was enabled.
  • (ID3699): Formula Interpreter 1 - Introduction: The formula interpreter has been modified for MDF data files. If a formula uses channels from different time groups, the result channel will be saved in the time group of the channel with the highest number of data points (highest time resolution).

Bug Fixes R2013.12

  • (ID3652): Legend Field Function @f{legend}: Sometimes the legend displayed “Data1” as a legend text for a 1D or 2D dataset.
  • (ID3653): NC data files: The function to remove data records or channels from a NC data file failed in some cases. This error occurred if the name of a dimension was identical with a channel name. The “drive c may be full” error message was misleading.
  • (ID3654): NC_AddFiles: The function failed, if an NC file was added to itself.
  • (ID3656): ch: The function failed, if the second parameter ssBaseName was an empty string(“”).
  • (ID3657): ch: The function did not convert constant values to SI units, if the option “Calculate in SI units” was enabled.
  • (ID3659): When a huge string list was converted from ANSI to Unicode, a stack overflow could occur. For example, the error could occur in the ASAM-ODS Browser (RPC) interface.
  • (ID3660): Edit=>Find In Files: The search result could not be opened by a double click, if the file name contained parentheses ( ).
  • (ID3664): Command “NC-File=>Save As”: The function failed because the file was locked.
  • (ID3668): A potential error when writing IPZ or NC2 files was removed. During autosave of IPZ files or nc_sync for NC2 files, the journal file (.jnl) was closed, deleted and created again.

    In the short time between closing and opening the .jnl file a virus scanner (or a backup program, index server, etc.) could lock the .jnl file. UniPlot did not handle this case correctly. Now, the journal file will be kept open until the IPZ or NC2 file is closed.

  • (ID3669): File=>PDF-Export: The PDF export failed, if a 64-bit UniPlot could not load a 64-bit GhostScript DLL (or vice versa). Now if the bit size does not match, UniPlot invokes the GhostScript executable.

  • (ID3670): nc_to_obj: If channel names started with an underscore, the character a was set as a prefix. The name is now modified in netCDF_to_matlab() to create valid names for Matlab.

  • (ID3671): Tools=>Formula Configuration: If a new Excel unit file was selected, the file was not loaded until the next UniPlot start.

  • (ID3673): DialogBox: If a cell in a ReportControl was clicked, the callback function OnCellChange was invoked. Now the callback function OnCellActivate is invoked instead.

Bug Fixes R2013.11

  • (ID3619): File=>File Quick View: The channels are now plotted in alphabetically order. A channel selection dialog box can be displayed. For maps a separate template can be selected.
  • (ID3620): In the 64 bit UniPlot version UniPlot:3DView plots could not be created (see UniPlot:3DView).
  • (ID3624): So far the Font dialog box only listed the 16 standard colors. Therefore it was not possible to select a user color for the X-axis title. Now the Font dialog box displays all the colors that are available in the other dialog box including the user colors.
  • (ID3625): ASAM-ODS Browser (CORBA): The login failed, if the password was an empty string.
  • (ID3626): MDF4: If the DT-blocks contained more data as defined in the cg_cycle_count parameter, the import failed. The MDF4-Import is still a Beta version. The filter will be completed in 2014 including to add the MDF 4.1 specification.
  • (ID3628): The ST_intersection, ST_complement functions were extremely slow.
  • (ID3629): nc_from_obj: An error occurred, if the object contained a string channel where all elements were empty strings.
  • (ID3630): Diagram=>Link Axes Scales: A display error occurred if y-axes in a stacked diagram were linked.
  • (ID3631): Diagram=>Diagram Settings: If the size of a stacked diagram was modified, the length of the y-axes was not updated correctly.
  • (ID3635): If a process was started with the system function and the process was in endless loop the process could not be terminated with Ctrl+C or ESC.
  • (ID3639): Waterfall Plot. The output order has been reversed. Now the first dataset is plotted in the front.
  • (ID3645): Formula Interpreter 1 - Introduction: If a formula contains a calculation condition, an error occurred if the formulas where checked.

Bug Fixes R2013.10

  • (ID3590): nc_varcopy: The function failed if the varid in the source and target file was not identical.
  • (ID3591): Umlauts and other characters were not correctly displayed in the Event Viewer. This bug occurred only in version R2013.9.
  • (ID3592): Table=>Dataset Legend Configuration: The font could not be set.
  • (ID3594): AppSleep could not be invoked in us.exe.
  • (ID3597): Record Filter Dialog Box: The tolerance could not be specified. The dialog box displayed an error if the box was closed with OK.
  • (ID3598): The Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) could not be enabled in the 64-bit UniPlot version. See set_math_lib.
  • (ID3603): Text File Import: The automatic detection of the column separator sometimes failed. Instead of a tabulator sign the function found sometimes a space character as a separator.
  • (ID3605): In the 64 bit UniPlot version, the number of datapoints has been raised from 4 million to 10 million data points before a reduced dataset is created.
  • (ID3606): Data Editor: Strings with multiple lines will be displayed in one cell.
  • (ID3607): MDF files (Inca): String channels were saved as double channels. Now, these channels will be saved as string channels with up to 256 characters, for example $EVENT_COMMENTS.
  • (ID3610): The import filter for TDM data files could not be imported, if the file containes Timestamp channels.
  • (ID3611): Dialog Box=>Data Filter: If a string channel contained an @-character, the filter could not be specified.
  • (ID3612): auto_SetFilter: String channel could not be used for a filter.

Bug Fixes R2013.9

  • (ID3582): MDF4-Import: Data blocks can contain incomplete records at the beginning and end.

  • (ID3586): 2D datasets with hatch fill: Non monotonic datasets with more than 4095 points were not correctly hatch filled. For example, a pressure volume diagram. The error occurred only in R2013.8.

  • (ID3587): If multiple IPZ files were closed simultaneouly, only the first file was compressed to reduce the file size. For the compression the program us.exe is started as a separate process.

    In some cases us.exe caused a memory access violation. This error was in all UniPlot releases since R2012.0.

  • (ID3588): GetUNCPath: Did not return an empty string in case of an error.

  • (ID3589): XYCreate: The call XYCreate("Test", 0, 1) did not create a 2D dataset with the coordinates 0,1. Instead a 1D dataset was created. A 1D dataset does not contain an x channel. Instead of 0 the value -1e20 are used to indicate that a 1D dataset will be created. See TYCreate.

Bug Fixes R2013.8

  • (ID3562): If the command window (View=>Command Window) was closed, the output of print and printf was not written to the command window buffer.
  • (ID 3566): IFile-Import: The import of IFiles failed, if the Heat Release calculation was enabled.
  • (ID3567): Data=>1D and 2D Dataset: If the marker frequency was different from 1, the distance between consecutive markers were sometimes different from the selected frequency.
  • (ID3568): DIAdem-Import: NANs and missing values were sometimes not handled correctly. If the DIAdem contained an invalid value for missing values, for example the string NoValue, all 0 values were set to missing.
  • (ID3569): CAN/BLF Import: The data type of all channels were treated as unsigned. This created invalid values for signed channels.
  • (ID3570): WMF-Export of pages with map datasets: Clipping at the data hull sometimes did not work correctly for 3D maps with color filling. Sometimes the fill color was visible outside the hull. This error occurred as well using the command File=>Send to PowerPoint.
  • (ID3571): Error opening ipw/ipz files: Seldomly files created with UniPlot R2013.7 could not be opened. Cause: If the document contained page tabs with a color different from the default color and all these pages were deleted except for pages with default color the document could not be opened again with R2013.7. It could still be opened with R2013.6.
  • (ID3573): Sometimes the download of the UniPlot setup program failed (http://www.uniplot.com/download.html) due to some virus scanners. The new UniPlot setup program avoids that the virus scanner can extract the contents of the setup program during download.
  • (ID3576): Autoscale Axis: If the difference between the minimum and maximum value was smaller than 1e-16, the scale function returned invalid values. Now, differences smaller than 1e-10 are ignored.
  • (ID3577): Histogram (New Dataset): The histogram parameters (right click on the histogram and select Func.-Parameter) could not be modified.
  • (ID3579): Import of MDF Files: For MDF files created with DIAGRA M (RA Consulting GmbH, http://www.rac.de) the unit string for time channels are set to s.
  • (ID3580): Import of MDF4 Files: The import of MDF4 files failed if the file contained char or complex channels. Now these channels will be ignored and will contain invalid numbers. Files containing channel groups with zero points could not be imported.

Bug Fixes R2013.7

  • (ID2892): Linked Datasets: Datasets, which depend on other datasets will not be updated if one of the these datasets do not exists in the document. To create a dependent dataset right click on a curve and select a command from the New Dataset or Multiple Datasets popup menu.

  • (ID3540): Linked Dataset: If a dataset name is modified, all linked datasets will be updated. The new name will replace the old dataset name to keep the link valid.

  • (ID3559): UniScript: The compilation of a function failed, if a global variable was used as a return value for a function with more than one return value and the variable was deleted with clear. See also: Multiple Return Values. Beispiel:

    def <ret1, ret2> = test()
    <ret1, ret2> = test()  // if called outside a function,
                           // ret1 and ret2 will be global variables.
    clear(); // Now, test() cannot be translated.
  • (ID3561): TDM-Import: Channel groups with 0 channels caused an error.

Bug Fixes R2013.6

  • (ID3542): The 64 bit version could not access the license server.
  • (ID3543): DIAdem Addin: The file rs_diade.ic was missing.
  • (ID3544): IFile-Addin: Calculated channels saved in the IFile as a data object of Type = 16 were missing in the NC2 file.
  • (ID3547): Bitmap Export: The bitmap export failed in the 64 bit version. This error was only in R2013.4 and R2013.5.
  • (ID3548): IPW files: If a page was removed from a saved document (document 1) and the modified document was saved under a new name (document 2), the removed page was missing in document 1 as well. The error did not occur if the document was saved under a new name before the page was removed. The error occurred in all versions since R2012.0. The error did not occur with IPZ files.
  • (ID3550):R2013.3/R2013.4 64 bit only: The following seldom used tools could not be started in the 64 bit installation: ncdump.exe, ncgen.exe, sqlite.exe, up3dv.exe.
  • (ID3552): excel_sheet_put_rows: The function did not handle Infs and NaNs (0/0, 1/0, -1/0) correctly. Infs and NaNs will now be replaced by 1e10. To avoid that 1e10 is written to the Excel file replace Infs and NaNs with valid values (see also isfinite).

Bug Fixes R2013.5

  • (ID3526): Edit=>Object Properties=>Picture: Due to an error in version R2013.4 the file name of image objects has been altered if the object dialog box was invoked and the image was displayed incorrectly.
  • (ID3535): Import of IFILE Data Files: If the heat release calculation was enabled and no zero level correction was specified for the cylinder pressure signals, the data was not correctly loaded.

Bug Fixes R2013.4

  • (ID1884): IPZ Files: Write protected IPZ files could not be opened with UniPlot. Now the file will be opened with read access. If you would like to modify the file, save it under a new name.

  • (ID3518): IPZ Files: If a IPZ File was opened with read/write access, the file could be opened with read access by another process. If two processes had access to the file, the process with read/write access failed if the process tried to write data into the file. Now UniPlot opens the file with exclusive read/write access and denies both read/write access to other processes.

  • (ID3519): Video: Sometimes, the video stopped playing randomly.

  • (ID3521): Import of MDF Files: In some cases the time channels of mdf files contains consecutive identical time values. Because the data is in this case not strictly monotonically increasing, some function cannot be applied.

    To avoid the problem the time values are corrected by adding a small number (1e-12) to the consecutive identical values. With the modification the time channels are strictly monotonically increasing again.

Bug Fixes R2013.3

  • (ID3497): Import of CAN Files: The configuration dialog box was not initialized correctly. All message frames were selected.
  • (ID3502): File=>More File Functions=>Waterfall-Multi Channel Import: Function only displayed an error message.
  • (ID3504): Some MATLAB files could not be loaded with matlab_load:
    • For complex values, the real and imaginary parts must have the same data type.
    • mxINT64_CLASS and mxUINT64_CLASS were not supported.
    • The undocumented element mxFUNCTION_CLASS was not supported.
  • (ID3509): UniScript command window (View=>Command Window): Text from the clipboard was always inserted at the end of a string.
  • (ID3510): UniScript: Code lines in ic files with more than 1024 characters could create a memory access violation.
  • (ID3195): In case UniPlot is installed on a network drive the, the help system may not display the help text correctly. (see Tools=>More Options). The setting HtmlHelp (local) did not work correctly, if the user directory was a network drive. This problem has been fixed. The files will now be saved on a local drive. (See also GetUserDirectory).
  • (ID3517): MDF-Import: The import of unsorted MDF files failed.

Bug Fixes R2013.2

  • (ID3414): File=>Send to PowerPoint: If a template was used with PowerPoint 2010, the size of the UniPlot page was not calculated correctly. The page was much smaller than expected.

  • (ID3466): UniScript: The __parent__ method did not behave correctly, if the parent object contained objects. See obj_set_parent.

    The obj_parent function also did not work correctly as well.

    The set_method_table function has been modified and the documentation has been updated.

  • (ID3469): In section “Access Matrix” in chapter UniScript Objects some limitations were described. For example the following statement did not work as expected:

    a = [. val = rand(2,2)]
    a.val[1] = 55;

    or performance problems as following were described:

    N = 100000;
    a = [. val = rand(N,1)]
    tic(); s = 0; for (i in 1:N) s = s + a.val[i]; toc()/1000 // 3 min in R2010

    Because these limitations have been fixed in UniPlot R2011, the section in the documentation has been removed. a.val[1] = 55; behaves as expected and the loop only takes some milliseconds to execute.

  • (ID3477): SLATEC library: Function with complex parameters could not be invoked.

  • (ID3480): Axes Links: Axes links between y axes of stacked diagrams and non stacked diagrams could be set but were got lost when a document with this kind of axes links were opened.

  • (ID3486): The error logging of some of the FORTRAN functions, e.g. polyfit, were incorrect due to a bug in the ASCII to UNICODE conversion.

  • (ID3493): DIAdem-Import: INT16 and INT32 channels were saved as 16 bit or 32 bit integer channels in the NC file, which would lead to invalid values if the data scaling was not offset = 0 and factor = 1. Now the channls are saved as Float or Double if offset not 0 or factor not 1.

Bug Fixes R2013.1

Bug Fixes R2013.0

  • (ID3392): @f{xyinterpol}: The i_intersect parameter was ignored. The function always returned always the first intersection.
  • (ID3394): Diagram=>X/Y/Z-Axis=>Parameters: The dialog control Format was not initialized correctly, if the log scale was selected.
  • (ID3396): LayerSetAxisMinMaxDelta: The function failed, if the axis was log scaled. A consequential error was, that the named axes link did not update correctly. See Diagram=>Link Axes Scales.
  • (ID3398): The dataset creation failed, if all x-coordinates had the same value.
  • (ID3400): Because of rounding problems dataset symbols were not displayed if they were lying in the diagram edge.
  • (ID3401): Reloading a text file into an editor could cause a memory access violation in the 64-Bit UniPlot version.
  • (ID3406): The Add Formula Channel Dialog Box: Global NC attributes were not listed in the channel combo box if no constants were specified.
  • (ID3407): @f{time}, DT_GetCurrentTime: The functions did retrieve the local time plus the daylight saving offset. In the winter time the time was the local time + 1 hour. In the summer the local time was correct. The error occurred in DT_GetTimeZoneOffsets as well. The element dst_offset always contained the daylight saving offset. The error was in R2012.3 to R2012.13.

A complete list of known bugs can be found on the Internet: http://www.uniplot.com/bugs_e.htm.