UniScript R2013

This document lists new and changed functions in R2013.

The changes are listed in the history table at the end of the function description.

UniScript R2013.14

  New Functions in UniPlot R2013.14 (5.51.4)
GetFileSize GetFileSize returns the file size in bytes for one or more a specified files.
NC_Classify NC_Classify classifies the data into groups. For each group an index channel is created. The index channel starts with the value 1 and is constant for each group. The second group receives the index value 2 and so on. If invoked with more than 2 parameters the data file can be split into single files depending on the given index channel name.
  Modified Functions in UniPlot R2013.14 (5.51.4)
auto_LoadDataset auto_LoadDataset loads a 1D, 2D, or 3D dataset from a data file opened with the function auto_ImportData.
auto_LoadDataset_CycleIndex auto_LoadDataset loads a 2D datasets from a data file opened with the function auto_ImportData or nc_open. A third channel must contain an index channel. For each value in the index channel a separate dataset can be created.

UniScript R2013.13

  New Functions in UniPlot R2013.13 (5.51.3)
AppIsVisible AppIsVisible checks if the UniPlot window is visible or hidden.
AppRunAutomated AppRunAutomated checks if Uniplot was invoked as a COM-Server.
strtoull strtoull converts a string matrix to a unsigned long-long-integer value (64 bit). See also strtol.
  Modified Functions in UniPlot R2013.13 (5.51.3)
RegOpen Opens a registry key.
version version returns the version string or version number of UniPlot.

UniScript R2013.11

  New Functions in UniPlot R2013.11 (5.51.1)
nc_convert_units nc_convert_units convert the channel units to SI units or common units.
units units returns the unit converter object.
units_get_other_units units_get_other_units returns for a given unit all available units which have the same SI unit.
units_get_preferred_unit units_get_preferred_unit returns the preferred unit for the given unit or channel name.
units_get_scale units_get_scale returns the factor and offset to convert the data from one unit to the other.
units_get_si_unit units_get_si_unit returns the SI unit for the given unit.
  Modified Functions in UniPlot R2013.11 (5.51.1)
ch The ch function returns the data of a given channel as a row vector.
exptok exptok splits a simple arithmetic expression into tokens.
ftf_open ftf_open reads text files (ASCII) containing rows and columns of text, numbers and empty fields. The function can be used instead of FileToField. ftf_open can read large data files with hundreds of Megabytes.
set_ch set_ch sets the new channel data.
system system creates a new process.

UniScript R2013.10

  New Functions in UniPlot R2013.10 (5.51.0)
bit_and bit_and performs the logical AND operation.
bit_get bit_get returns a bit value.
bit_lshift bit_lshift shifts the bits left.
bit_not bit_not performs logical negation on each bit.
bit_or bit_or performs the logical inclusive OR operation.
bit_rshift bit_rshift shifts the bits right.
bit_set bit_set sets the bit position nBit of m to 0 (off) or 1 (on).
bit_xor bit_xor performs a logical exclusive OR operation.
p7z_list p7z_list returns a list of file names of a ZIP or 7z archive.
p7z_unzip p7z_unzip extracts files from a ZIP or 7z archive.
p7z_unzip_buffer p7z_unzip_buffer extracts a file from a ZIP or 7z archive and returns the data as a string.
p7z_zip p7z_zip creates a ZIP or 7z archive.
remove remove removes all elements with the value 0 or rsRemove from a real vector. In case of a matrix all rows with the value 0 or rsRemove in the first column will be removed.
  Modified Functions in UniPlot R2013.10 (5.51.0)
LayerGetAxesAttribs The LayerGetAxesAttribs retrieves display attribs for the diagram axis.
LayerGetLabelNum Gets the number of axis labels for autoscale set with:ref:LayerSetLabelNum.
LayerIsLabelNumEnabled Returns TRUE if the fixed number of labels is used for autoscale.
LayerSetAxesAttribs The LayerSetAxesAttribs sets display attribs for the x an y axis.
LayerSetFixedLabelNum Sets in connection with LayerSetLabelNum the number of axis labels for autoscale.
LayerSetLabelNum Sets in connection with LayerSetFixedLabelNum the number of axis labels for autoscale.
NC_AddFiles NC_AddFiles merges NC files into a new NC file by adding data records to the destination file. Channels with identical names will be concatenated.

UniScript R2013.9

  New Functions in UniPlot R2013.9 (5.50.9)
ExcelReadEx The ExcelReadEx function reads MS-Excel with the extension .xlsx, .xls and .xlsb.
NC_DeleteFilteredRecords NC_DeleteFilteredRecords remove all filtered records from the given NC file.
  Modified Functions in UniPlot R2013.9 (5.50.9)
nc_create nc_create creates a new netCDF file.
nc_inquire_format nc_inquire_format returns the file format for a given ncid.
updf_create_file updf_create_file creates a new updf file.

UniScript R2013.8

  New Functions in UniPlot R2013.8 (5.50.8)
ExcelWriteEx The ExcelWriteEx function saves data in an Excel file in the XLSX format.
conv The conv function combines two signals to form a new signal, for example, calculates the output signal for an input signal and the impulse response signal.
deconv The deconv performs the deconvolution of vector u and vector v.
  Modified Functions in UniPlot R2013.8 (5.50.8)
nc_get_option nc_get_option gets an option.
nc_set_option nc_set_option sets an option.

UniScript R2013.7

  New Functions in UniPlot R2013.7 (5.50.7)
PageGetAttrib PageGetAttrib returns the page attribute bits.
PageGetTabColor PageGetTabColor returns the page tab color.
PageSetAttrib PageSetAttrib sets the page attribute bits (16 bits).
PageSetTabColor PageSetTabColor set the page tab color.
quantile quantile returns quantile of a data vector rvX for the cumulative probability rvP in the interval 0 to 1. For rvP = 0.5 the median is returned. For rvP = 1 the maximum is returned.
  Modified Functions in UniPlot R2013.7 (5.50.7)
auto_xy_histogram Creates a histogram for the given 2D dataset.

UniScript R2013.6

  New Functions in UniPlot R2013.6 (5.50.6)
@f{xyzstatvalue} Display statistical values for the specified 3D datasets created from data triples.
auto_LoadCompressorMap auto_LoadCompressorMap creates a compressor map from the given NC file and adds the map the the given layer.
besseli Modified Bessel function of the first kind.
besselj Bessel function of the first kind.
  Modified Functions in UniPlot R2013.6 (5.50.6)
nc_to_obj nc_to_obj reads a netCDF file or a selection of channels of a netCDF file into a UniScript object.

UniScript R2013.5

  New Functions in UniPlot R2013.5 (5.50.5)
EdSetEncoding EdSetEncoding sets the output coding of an editor.
EdSetLexer EdSetLexer sets the file type for the syntax highlighting.
NC_AddFiles NC_AddFiles merges NC files into a new NC file by adding data records to the destination file. Channels with identical names will be concatenated.
ObjCreateXML ObjCreateXML creates a new page, layer of drawing object from the given XML text.
ObjGetXML ObjGetXML returns the document page, diagram, drawing object or dataset as an XML string.
updf_get_parent updf_get_parent returns the parent storage of a stream or storage.
  Modified Functions in UniPlot R2013.5 (5.50.5)
LayerAutoScale LayerAutoScale scales the diagram axes depending on the the data range of the diagram’s datasets.
updf_create_file updf_create_file creates a new updf file.
xml_save_node xml_save_node saves a UniScript object as an XML file.

UniScript R2013.3

  New Functions in UniPlot R2013.3 (5.50.3)
PageGetAllObjects PageGetAllObjects returns the handles of all drawing objects.
VideoActivate VideoActivate activates or deactivates a video object.
VideoCommand VideoCommand controls the video player.
VideoCreate VideoCreate creates a video object.
VideoDestroy VideoDestroy destroys a video object.
VideoGetFileName VideoGetFileName returns the video file name.
VideoGetStartPos VideoGetStartPos returns the start position.
VideoIsActivated VideoIsActivated checks if the video is active.
VideoIsCallback VideoIsCallback checks, if the callback function is enabled or disabled. see VideoSetCallback.
VideoIsPlaybar VideoIsPlaybar checks, if the play bar is visible.
VideoSetCallback VideoSetCallback enables or disables the callback function.
VideoSetFileName VideoSetFileName sets the video file name. The file will be loaded when the video is activated with VideoActivate.
VideoSetStartPos VideoSetStartPos sets the start position.
VideoShowPlaybar VideoShowPlaybar shows or hides the playbar. The playbar displays a Start/Stop button and a slider to set the position.
VideoSnapshot VideoSnapshot creates a bitmap snapshot for the specified position of the given video file. The snapshot is displayed instead of the video.
upfirdn upfirdn is a polyphase FIR resampling function.
  Modified Functions in UniPlot R2013.3 (5.50.3)
GetUserDirectory GetUserDirectory returns the UniPlot user directory.
LayerGetAllObjects LayerGetAllObjects returns the handles of all drawing objects.
OBJGetCallbackFunction OBJGetCallbackFunction returns the specified callback function.
OBJRemoveCallbackFunction OBJRemoveCallbackFunction removes the specified callback function.
OBJSetCallbackFunction OBJSetCallbackFunction sets a callback function for some events.
matlab_load matlab_load loads a MATLAB file (mat file) into a UniScript object.
pinv pinv calculates the pseudoinverse of a given matrix.

UniScript R2013.2

  New Functions in UniPlot R2013.2 (5.50.2)
erf erf calculates the error function: \operatorname{erf}(x) = \frac{2}{\sqrt{\pi}}\int_{0}^x e^{-t^2}\,\mathrm dt.
polyfit polyfit finds the coefficients of a polynomial of degree N using the least squares method.
polyval polyval calculates the y coordinates of a polynomial of degree n evaluated at x.
  Modified Functions in UniPlot R2013.2 (5.50.2)
AppCommandTracing AppCommandTracing enables or disables tracing of menu commands.
AppGetCommandLine AppGetCommandLine returns the command line.
diag diag creates a diagonal-matrix or a row-vector.
obj_lookup obj_lookup returns the value of a given key.
obj_set_parent obj_set_parent sets the parent object.
obj_set_str_return obj_set_str_return specifies the return value of obj_lookup. If a key does not exist, obj_lookup may return 0, an empty string or throw an exception.
set_method_table set_method_table sets the methods (member functions) for the given object.
sort sort performs a sort from a real, complex or string matrix or vector.
sorti sorti sorts a real, complex or string matrix or vector in ascending order and returns an index vector of the sorted matrix.

UniScript R2013.1

  New Functions in UniPlot R2013.1 (5.50.1)
EdGetActivePane EdGetActivePane returns the active pane in a splitter window.
EdGetSplit EdGetSplit checks if the editor is displayed as a splitter window.
EdGetTabStops EdGetTabStops returns the tab stop size in number of characters.
EdSetActivePane EdSetActivePane sets the active pane of a splitter window.
EdSetSplit EdSetSplit splits the editor window horizontal, vertical or removes the split.
  Modified Functions in UniPlot R2013.1 (5.50.1)
EdFind EdFind finds a string in an editor.
EdFindReplace EdFindReplace replaces a string in an editor.
EdFoldAll EdFoldAll
EdGetMarginType EdGetMarginType
EdSetMarginType EdSetMarginType
EdToggleFolding EdToggleFolding
FileToField FileToField reads a text file (ASCII file and UNICODE file with BOM) where the elements are arranged in rows and columns. The elements can be text, numbers and blank fields.
FileWatchAdd FileWatchAdd adds a file to the list of watched files. If the operating system detects a change to the file the callback function is called.
SynEdFind Is replaced by EdFindReplace.
SynEdFindText Is replaced by EdFind.
SynEdFoldAll Is replaced by EdFoldAll.
SynEdGetMarginType Is replaced by EdGetMarginType.
SynEdSetMarginType Is replaced by EdSetMarginType
SynEdToggleFolding Is replaced by EdToggleFolding.
text_file_write text_file_write writes text into a file in ANSI - or Unicode format.

UniScript R2013.0

  New Functions in UniPlot R2013 (5.50)
auto_xy_Peaks auto_xy_Peaks creates a new dataset with the local minima and maxima of the given dataset. See detect_peaks.
detect_peaks detect_peaks finds peaks and valleys in a given noisy signal. Only local minima and maxima detected where the difference between adjacent extreme values are greater than the threshold.
updf_get_cmode updf_get_cmode return the mode the UPDF file has been created with.
updf_get_filetimes updf_get_filetimes returns the file times of an open UPDF file.
updf_get_free_pages updf_get_free_pages returns the number of unused pages in a UPDF file.
updf_move_element updf_move_element moves a storage from one storage to a another storage.
updf_set_filetimes updf_set_filetimes sets the file times of an open UPDF file.
  Modified Functions in UniPlot R2013 (5.50)
PageSendLayerToPos PageSendLayerToPos moves a layer to the specified position inside a page.
s _s returns a translated string for an English string. If a translation is not available the function returns the English string. So far the only available language is German. A Japanese translation will soon be available.
auto_xy_LabelDataPoints auto_xy_LabelDataPoints labels the data points of a 1D or 2D dataset with its y value. If the dataset contains more than 50 data points, 50 labels will be distributed evenly over the data points.
xml_esc xml_esc escapes special XML characters.