File=>File Quick View

Loads all data of a file as curves or maps into diagrams.


To execute the Quick View function:

  • Choose File=>File Quick View.

  • Select one or more data files in the dialog box that appears.

  • In the next dialog box you can specify how the data should be imported. You have a choice between: 1D-Dataset (Time signals or crank shaft related data): Every file channel will be loaded into a separate diagram.

    2D-Dataset (e.g. Torque versus Speed): Select one channel that will be used as x-coordinates for all other channels.

    3D-Dataset (e.g. an isoline map for fuel consumption versus torque and speed): Select one channel that will be used as x-coordinates and another channel as y-coordinates for all other channels.

    VS-100/INCA (Bosch/ETAS): For VS100/INCA files, all channels will be plotted into separate diagrams.

  • Choose the OK button.


You’ll find the default template RS_CONTA.IPW in the \UniPlot\Template\ directory. You can alter the default template or create a new template, change the number of diagrams, add a company logo, etc. If the document contains more than one page only the first page will be used.

Misc_Datensatzstil_e: The selected dataset style displayed in the toolbar is used to set the style (line color, marker, etc.) of a dataset. If the selected style is not suited to the dataset (3D style for a 2D dataset or vice versa) the style specified in the Tools=>Options dialog is used.

If the File Quick View template contains only one diagram the y-channel name of a 2D dataset and the z-channel name of a 3D dataset is used as the page name.