New in R2020

This page describes the changes made to UniPlot R2020 since UniPlot version R2018.

New in R2020.0 (2020-02-07)


  • New way of arranging workflows: The Sequencer


    For more information, see The Sequencer

  • The 32-bit version of UniPlot is no longer available.

  • Unicode support for UniPlot data files (nc2).

  • Chinese translation of the graphical user interface. UniPlot now supports English, German, Japanese, Russian and Chinese. The documentation is in English and German. A short introduction in all languages is in planning.

  • New and modified UniScript functions, see UniScript R2020.

  • Decimal Separator: Decimal sign (point or comma) to display number in an IPZ document can be set in Tools=>More Options in section Diagram Options.

  • Diagram=>X/Y/Z-Axis=>Parameters: A minimum value can be configured for an autoscalling axis. This might be useful to configure a percentage scale which starts at 0.

Bug Fixes

  • Show the correct default value (“weekly”) for udpates-check in the settings dialog.
  • Help for the UniScript function is shown for the function to the left of the cursor when pressing F1 in the UniScript console window.
  • (ID4427): Importing Data: If cells in an Excel file were scientifically formatted, e.g. 1.1233E-04, in the NC file in the corresponding channels were saved as missing.
  • (ID4428): Display of channel names in legends: Instead of the channel attribute the title attribute if available is used. title contains the channel names in original notation, e.g. with special characters.
  • (ID4429): Data=>Difference map and other functions (3D): The isoline color was lost during autoscaling.
  • (ID4430): Data=>Difference map and other functions (3D): The Isoline configuration was not completely transferred to the new dataset. For example the colors for individual lines was not correctly set.
  • (ID4431): XYZSetProps: Transparent fill colors were not displayed. (Not finished yet)
  • (ID4432): Edit Object=>Table: If GDI was used for the monitor output, text in the table object was displayed tansparent. The text was plotted with on a white background. See Tools=>More Options.