New in R2020

This page describes the changes made to UniPlot R2020 since UniPlot version R2018.

New in R2020.6 (2020-12-18)


  • (UNI-201): Log an error in case of a failed license check.

  • Import of Virtual Dynamics Request files: Support for importing Virtual Dynamics request files (*.req) has been added.

  • Real Driving Emission Data Evaluation: The evaluation has been adapted to “COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2019/1939 of 7 November 2019” The average value windows are now determined in forward direction. The start of the evaluation is adjusted according to the regulation 2019/1939. The CF factor is calculated from the cold phase and hot phase in the ratio 14 to 86. The dialog box has been modified: The windows can now be calculated using the work or the cumulated CO2 emission.

Bug Fixes

  • (UNI-200): @f{legend_table}: When creating a legend for data files the dialog only offered file attributes for the first data file.

  • Import of MDF4 Files: The delayed loading of MDF4-channels failed for some MDF files. Delayed loading can be enabled and disabled in the Tools=>More Options dialog box.

  • (UNI-189): Dewesoft-Import: A time channel has been added for each group. To load data with the Browser, the 2D: y/t "MDF/INCA/CAN/ODS/IFile" dataset type can be selected. For this type the correct time channel will be selected automatically.

New in R2020.5 (2020-10-30)


  • Edit=>Page=>Move: The dialog to move pages now supports moving a selection of pages to a given position.

  • ASAM-ODS Browser (RPC): Alternate configuration for main header loading for ASAM RPC.

  • auto_xy_CreateErrorDataset: The function, which has been part of UniPlot since R2018.1, is now documented. It can be used to a plot with error data.

  • Dewesoft-Import: The d7d-Import has been extended to import the dxd file format.

Bug Fixes

  • Norm-Names: Fixes a problem with the norm-name table file name not getting set and showing either 0 or 1 instead.

  • (UNI-146): Import of MDF4 Files: If the option Delayed Channel Import was enabled, an error occurred. As a result, all channels were filled with -1 values and could no longer be reloaded. (See also Tools=>More Options.)

  • (UNI-176): Import of MDF4 Files: When importing MDF4 files in some cases an error was displayed (message: Internal error). The error was corrected.

  • (UNI-167): Data=>Linear Interpolation: Fixes a problem which broke 2D-interpolation. Some 2D dataset functions were also affected (notably XYGetData and XYCreate).

New in R2020.4 (2020-09-18)

Bug Fixes

  • ASAM-ODS Browser (CORBA): In case of a 64 bit instance address with a high value different from 0, the respective node could not be opened in the navigational tree control on the dialog window.

  • Diagram=>X/Y/Z-Axis=>Parameters: Logarithmically scaled axes with values larger than approx. 1e23 were not labeled correctly. An additional label output above the maximum value was displayed. Now the axis can be set up to a maximum value of 1e98 or a minimum value of 1e-98.

  • Power Operator: Power calculation. The operation 2^3 did not return exactly 8 but the value 8.0000000000000000002. This caused problems with compare operations. Now the function returns up to a limit of approx. 1e23 in interger number for integer exponents.

  • Import of CAN Files, Import of MDF4 Files: For BLF and MDF data files with bus logging data a bus number for each DBC file can be specified.

New in R2020.3 (2020-07-31)

Bug Fixes

  • Import of MDF4 Files: Some of the MDF4 attributes were missing. This was a bug in R2020.0 to R2020.2.

  • The Data Editor: For NC files containing text channels, with a set record filter and the view showing filtered results showed the first n text values instead of the the filtered text values.

  • When an IPZ file is closed without saving changes, the change date has to be reset to the value before the changes. This is because UniPlot is changing the IPZ file. If the file is located on a FAT drive the change date was shifted relatively to UTC time. This did not happend for NTFS drives where the UTC date is saved.

  • Import of IFILE Data Files: Fix a problem were cycle channels (realtime result). Under certain conditions the assignment of values to corresponding channels was shifted.

  • A problem with ASAM-ODS ids larger than 2147483648 was resolved.

New in R2020.2 (2020-06-26)


  • Norm-Names: CSV export can now optionally contain the scheme name. This can be turned on in the Norm-Names settings dialog or with

    WriteProfileString("NormName", "ExportSchemeName", "1");

Bug Fixes

  • Import of CAN Files: The DBC dialog could not be used correctly.

  • cumsum: cumsum did not handle missing_values correctly.

  • Edit=>Attachments: Attachments would not be displayed in R2020.0 and R2020.1. This bug was caused by a build error.

  • Fix a problem with the undo functionality where during an undo operation new undo steps where created. This could prevent certain undo operations.

  • Fix a crash when opening the about dialog in the viewer.

  • Fix a numerical calculation error when calculating the difference between two maps.

New in R2020.1 (2020-04-03)


Bug Fixes

  • ExcelWriteEx: The function could not be invoked with two parameters.

  • Import of MDF4 Files: Scaling type 8 was not supported. If the scaling type occurs in the MDF4 file, the new channel attribute _nc_enum_range will be added. It contains a range min:max and a text valid for the range, separated by an | character.

  • DialogBox: If the selection in a report control was changed, using the arrow-key, the callback function OnSelChanged was not invoked.

  • Import of MATLAB Data Files: Elements with one data point are now saved as a global attribute and additionally as a channel. Before the change, MATLAB files could not be imported, if the data elements contained only one value.

  • Data=>Difference map and other functions (3D): Debug output for difference maps was accidentally plotted if the field functions had been updated. A new document was created with the data hull of the difference map.

  • Data=>Data Exchange (Page): For NC2 data files, the formulas will be calculated before the data exchange is executed to ensure data is up to date, in case the formulas have been modified.

  • The Data Editor: If a record filter was enabled and the option Show Only Filter Result was checked, the delete function removed the incorrect records.

  • The Sequencer: The button to add the “Picture Export” action was not visible.

New in R2020.0 (2020-02-14)


  • New way of arranging workflows: The Sequencer


    For more information, see The Sequencer

  • The 32-bit version of UniPlot is no longer available.

  • Unicode support for UniPlot data files (nc2).

  • Chinese translation of the graphical user interface. UniPlot now supports English, German, Japanese, Russian and Chinese. The documentation is in English and German. A short introduction in all languages is in planning.

  • New and modified UniScript functions, see UniScript R2020.

  • Decimal Separator: Decimal sign (point or comma) to display number in an IPZ document can be set in Tools=>More Options in section Diagram Options.

  • Diagram=>X/Y/Z-Axis=>Parameters: A minimum value can be configured for an autoscalling axis. This might be useful to configure a percentage scale which starts at 0.

Bug Fixes

  • Show the correct default value (“weekly”) for udpates-check in the settings dialog.

  • Help for the UniScript function is shown for the function to the left of the cursor when pressing F1 in the UniScript console window.

  • (ID4427): Importing Data: If cells in an Excel file were scientifically formatted, e.g. 1.1233E-04, in the NC file in the corresponding channels were saved as missing.

  • (ID4428): Display of channel names in legends: Instead of the channel attribute the title attribute if available is used. title contains the channel names in original notation, e.g. with special characters.

  • (ID4429): Data=>Difference map and other functions (3D): The isoline color was lost during autoscaling.

  • (ID4430): Data=>Difference map and other functions (3D): The Isoline configuration was not completely transferred to the new dataset. For example the colors for individual lines was not correctly set.

  • (ID4431): XYZSetProps: Transparent fill colors were not displayed. (Not finished yet)

  • (ID4432): Edit Object=>Table: If GDI was used for the monitor output, text in the table object was displayed tansparent. The text was plotted with on a white background. See Tools=>More Options.