Import of Virtual Dynamics Request files


The addin rs_VirtualDynamics is an import filter enabling UniPlot to access Virtual Dynamics request files (*.req). Virtual Dynamics request files are created by Virtual Dynamics (FEV Software and Testing Solutions GmbH).


  • Choose Tools=>Add-In Manager.
  • Check the Virtual Dynamics Request Files Import addin.
  • Choose OK. Restart UniPlot.

The installed files are located in the C:\Program Files\UniPlot\AddIn\rs_VirtualDynamics directory.

rs_VirtualDynamics.ic UniScript File
rs_VirtualDynamics.icl rs_VirtualDynamics.ic in object code


  • Start UniPlot.
  • Choose File=>Import Data.
  • Choose Type Virtual Dynamics Request File (*.req).
  • Select one or more REQ files.

Created NC-File

The NC file contains all channels of the selected REQ file.


  • R2020.5: REQ Import-Filter added.