The Addin RS_NORM is an extension for UniPlot to replace attribute and channel names with norm names.

The following import filters use the norm name addin:

Typ Standard scheme name
UTX Value of attribute “scheme”, for example scheme=TestCell1
ASAM ODS 3 “PumaOpen”

Instead of the scheme attribute another global attribute can be selected that contains the scheme-name. Example: Testcell=B20. This means the original data contains a global attribute Testcell. The attribute contains the value B20. The Norm-Name-Table should contain a column with the name B20. The channels of this column will be replaced by norm names. Channel names not found in the column will not be replaced. If the scheme is not found in the Norm-Name-Table, the original channel names are not altered.

The following calls will set the attribute names for the scheme name:


WriteProfileString("NormName", "utx_scheme_name", "Testcell");

ASAM-ODS-3 Data:

WriteProfileString("NormName", "aods3_scheme_name", "Testcell");

For ASAM-ODS-3 data a different scheme values can be set:

WriteProfileString("AODS_BROWSER_3", "NormNameScheme", "MyPumaOpen");

Copy the commands into the UniPlot command window. The values will be saved in the Windows registry.


Open the Addin Manager (Tools=>Add-In Manager) and mark the Addin Norm Names.

Norm-Name Table

You need Excel to create the norm name file. Example file in the uniplot\addin\rs_norm directory. The file name is norm_example.xls.

The Excel file has two sheets with the names Headernames and Channelnames.

Cell A1 must be XLS-NormHeaderNames:v1 or XLS-NormChannelNames:v1.

../../_images/norm-names-excel-header.png ../../_images/norm-names-excel-channel.png

Norm names must begin with an alphabetic character or an underscore, followed by zero or more alphanumeric characters including the underscore (_) or numbers. Case is significant.

The header and channel names for the schemes must be identical with the names in the source format. Case is significant.


In this dialog box the norm name translation can be enabled.


Export scheme names during CSV-export: The CSV export has an additional (second) line containing the scheme name. The setting can also be set using the following UniScript command:

WriteProfileString("NormName", "ExportSchemeName", "1");

Example CSV export:

Channel1-NormName, Channel2-NormName, Channel3-NormName
Channel1-SchemaName, Channel2-SchemaName, Channel3-SchemaName
Channel1-Unit, Channel2-Unit, Channel3-Unit
1, 0, 1.1
2, 0, 1.2

The Excel file with the norm names can be imported using the Import… button. If the norm name file with the extension .unt is missing the function will create a new .unt file in the same directory as the Excel file.

Update norm name table with the following Excel file: The .unt file will be updated whenever the Excel file changes.


Example: How to apply the norm names to an existing NC file. Call this example function after you have create the NC file:

def NC_ApplyNormNames1(ssNCFile)
    ssScheme = "PumaOpen";   // must be scheme in the norm name file.
    ncid = nc_open(ssNCFile, NC_WRITE);
    if (ncid == -1) {
        return FALSE;
    NC_ApplyNormNames(ncid, ssScheme)
    return TRUE

The following example uses the callback function OnImportUpdateNCFile to apply the norm names OnImportUpdateNCFile is invoked when an NC file is opened, for example with auto_ImportData.

def OnImportUpdateNCFile(ssNetCDFName)
    global _hNN;

    if (NN_IsActive() == FALSE) {
        return TRUE;
    if (_hNN == 0) {
        return TRUE;

    svData = MapLookup(_hNN, "$AvailableScheme");
    ssInit = CreateListBoxText(svData);
    ssScheme = DialogBox("|C10                                         ", ssInit, "Select a norm name scheme");
    if (ssScheme == "DLG_CANCEL") {
        return TRUE;

    ncid = nc_open(ssNetCDFName, NC_WRITE);
    if (ncid == -1) {
        MessageBoxError("Cannot open NC file: %s", ssNetCDFName);
        return TRUE
    NC_ApplyNormNames(ncid, ssScheme);
    return TRUE;


Version Description
R2018.10 Excel 2007 Files (XLSX) can be used.


If you have any problems using the addin please do not hesitate to contact us.