Bug Fixes R2015

Bug Fixes R2015.10

  • (ID4042): Characters with a code greater than 16 bits (e. g. #1D4DD (120029) MATHEMATICAL BOLD SCRIPT CAPITAL N) cannot be specified with 4 hexadecimal digits. Therefore, xxxx can be 2 to 6 hexadecimal digits. If the character is followed by a space, the space will be removed from the output.
  • (ID4034): MDF Files (INCA): CAN data channels names are extended with _CANXX. The extension can be removed. The option can be set in the Tools=>MDF Configuration dialog box.
  • (ID4035): Data=>Data Filter: The dataset filter function mean() was removed in UniPlot R2015.8. The function has been added again.
  • (ID4036): AppProgressDialog: In batch mode (see AppSetBatchMode), the Cancel button in the progress dialog box was not disabled.
  • (ID4037): LayerIsTitleSetOnLoad: The function returned an invalid value. The function was used in the histogram function to set the default y-axis title. Because it returned an invalid value, the title could not be set manually.
  • (ID4038): PageSendToPowerPoint: If a template was used for the export, the export could fail, if the clipboard was modified during the export. Now for each page the template is copied before it is pasted into the document.
  • (ID4039): For calculated 2D datasets only the dataset name was saved as a link. If one of the datasets was copied to a different page in the same document, the dataset could not be found. Now the page name is saved with the dataset name. See Data=>Data Filter.
  • (ID4040): Table=>File Legend Configuration: If an attribute in the file legend contained special characters, e. g. Test.Name, the value could not be updated. Now the special characters are replaced by underscores (Test_Name).
  • (ID4041): ASAM-ODS Browser (CORBA): The Tools=>ODS5 Configuration dialog box could not be opened.

Bug Fixes R2015.9

  • (ID4025): MDF Files (INCA): Peaks in time channels are set to missing.

  • (ID4026): AppGetCommandLine, AppGetBatchMode: Batch mode could not be enabled in the command line.

  • (ID4028): The Add Formula Channel Dialog Box: Formulas with interim results could not be edited. Example:

    a = channel_a + channel_b
    b = channel_c * channel_d
    result_chan = a + b;
  • (ID4030): Import of CAN Files: If SAE J1939 messages and proprietary messages were mixed, some channels were not imported. This problem occurred, if not all DBC files contained the element ProtocolType J1939.

Bug Fixes R2015.8

  • (ID4005): ASAM-ODS Browser (CORBA): Two bugs have been fixed: 1. The login failed, if the password was an empty string. 2. If a measurement contained multiple sub matrices, the import failed.
  • (ID4009): MDF Files (INCA): If a channel was not saved incompletely in the data file, a warning is displayed in the event window and the channel will be ignored. In older UniPlot versions the import failded.
  • (ID4013): CAN-ASCII-Import: For J1939 DBC files the message ID was incorrectly calculated with the result, that some channels were missing in the NC file.
  • (ID4018): nc_varinq_info returned in invalid value for the parameter has_missings, if the channel contained only missing values.
  • (ID4019): Most recent file list: If a file was selected, the file in the position above the selected file was removed from the file list.
  • (ID4021): LayerSetAutoTitle: The autoload title flag was not evaluated correctly, if set for the x axis title.
  • (ID4023): ref:data-data-exchange-page: If a document contained two data sources and the Action combo box was clicked in the exchange dialog box UniPlot crashed.
  • (ID4024): If a data file was opend multiple times in one process with nc_open before the file was closed with nc_close the function returns the identical ncid if the file name was given in exactly the same case. Starting with R2015.8 the function ignores the case for the file name.

Bug Fixes R2015.7

  • (ID3999): Edit=>Page=>Duplicate: An error occurred, if the command was invoked in UniPlot R2015.6. An error message was displayed. The command itself was executed successfully.
  • (ID4001) Import of MDF4 Files: The MDF4 Import filter failed for some data files, if the data was saved in multiple data blocks. This bug was only in R2015.6.
  • (ID4004) DocExchangeDataFiles: Because of the modifications of the handling of record filters in the data exchange function in UniPlot R2015.5, the function could not be used.

Bug Fixes R2015.6

  • (ID3956): File=>Print: Printing an IPW/IPZ file could fail, if a document was previously printed and closed. This error could occur since UniPlot R2013.4
  • (ID3970): Data=>Edit Function List: The dataset link was not updated, if the dataset name or page name was modified. Example: If you create a cross section of a 3D dataset (map), the 2D curves are displayed in a different document page. Each cross section dataset contains the link, e.g. “Data1:Page1” The link is used to update the cross section dataset after the 3D dataset was modified. You can edit the data link name with a right click on the dataset. Choose the command “Function-Parameter”.
  • (ID3972) Import of MDF4 Files: The MDF4 Import filter failed for some data files. The error message was: Error in mdf4_read.ic, Line 1157, not enough (virtual) memory.
  • (ID3976): Data=>Data Exchange (Page): The dialog box comamnd “Replace File” did not replace all files in the data source list.
  • (ID3977): The Data Browser Window: Replace 3D dataset: An error occurred, if a 3D dataset was replaced using the “Load” button in the data browser. The data was replaced but the function did not finish without an error.
  • (ID3978): Edit=>Insert LaTeX Formula: The command failed, if the used temp directory contained spaces in the directory name.
  • (ID3979): The Data Browser Window: The functions “Type = Add File” and “Type = Replace File” failed. This bug was in R2015.5 only.
  • (ID3981): Import of MATLAB Data Files: Until UniPlot R2015.3 the element name of the Matlab structure was used to create the channel name. In the versions R2015.4 and R2015.5 the structure name was added as a postfix followed by a period, followed by the element name to form the channel name. This led, unfortunately, to incompatible channel names. Starting with R2015.6 the channel name configuration can be set in the dialog box: ref: tools-more-options.
  • (ID3982): MySQL, MariaDB: The DLL was missing in the installation.
  • (ID3984): NC_SynchronizeTime: The bMerge parameter was ignored. The parameter was always set to TRUE (1)..
  • (ID3986): Import of MDF4 Files: Loading files with compressed data blocks and without transposition failed.
  • (ID3991): DocSetPathName: If the function was used for an unsaved document, all 2D datasets were removed from the document.

Bug Fixes R2015.5

  • (ID3943): Tools=>Customize User Toolbar: The dialog box to add commands to the user toolbar could not be used because of an error in the dialog box function. This error occurred only in UniPlot R2015.4.
  • (ID3944): File=>EPS/PDF-Export: Only the first page of all selected pages was exported.
  • (ID3945): Browser=>Add Files: The Open File dialog box was not displayed. This error occurred only in UniPlot R2015.4.
  • (ID3947): Tools=>Formulalist: The channel names of the selected NC file were not displayed in the The Add Formula Channel Dialog Box when the formula editor was opened from the formula list box.
  • (ID3949): Printing with PDF-Printer: The complete file name was passed to the printer driver. Now only the file name without path and drive name is used as the PDF file name.
  • (ID3950): Printing IPW/IPZ files from the Windows Explorer failed.
  • (ID3955): Edit=>Replace: The “Replace Next” button replaced only every second search string.
  • (ID3960): Tools=>Formulalist: The “Edit Formula” command failed.
  • (ID3967): Import of CAN Files: The message Ids in the J1939 protocol were sometimes not correctly evaluated.
  • (ID3969): Diagram=>X/Y/Z-Axis=>Parameters: If the Delta value for a log scale was a small number, UniPlot somtimes crashed.

Bug Fixes R2015.4

  • (ID3918): fseek used only 32 bit values for parameter nSeek.
  • (ID3922): In older UniPlot versions, large data channels with more than 2.000.000 data points have been reduced and saved in a separate data file. Now the reduced data channels are save in the same NC file in the channel attribute nc_reduced. nc_varinq_info has been extended to calculate the reduced data. See also Processing Large Data Files.
  • (ID3928): Browser=>Convert Units: Because of a column mismatch, the dialog box could not be used to convert units.
  • (D3929): Diagram=>X/Y/Z-Axis=>User Label: The display of the standard label could not be disabled.
  • (ID3933): FE_SetFormulaDirectory: The function had to be invoked twice to load all formulas in the specified directory.
  • (ID3936): MDF4: Error in “Value to text/scale conversion tabular lookup” fixed.
  • (ID3939): File=>Page Setup: Instead of the Page Setup dialog the Print dialog box was displayed.
  • (ID3940): File=>Page Margin: The page size could not be set for a user specified page.

Bug Fixes R2015.3

  • (ID3907): Data=>Data Exchange (Page): The Datalist dialog box did not assign the channels correctly, if the list contains 1D and 2D datasets and the channel order was modified by clicking on one of the column headers. In case the error occurred, the y channel was removed from the channel list of a 2D dataset.
  • (ID3908): Cursor_ZoomAusschnitt button: The command did not alter the y axes scaling. Only the x axes was zoomed. This error was only in version R2015.1.
  • (ID3909): Import of MDF4 Files: Support für virtual master channel added.
  • (ID3912): Table=>Dataset Legend Configuration: If the legend contained datasets with and without a record filter, the record filter element was not updated correctly.
  • (ID3913): ExcelRead: If a sheet name contained more than 31 characters a memory access violation occurred. The problem occurred only with Excel files not created with Excel.
  • (ID3917): Table=>File Legend Configuration: The NC attributes were only updated, if the NC file name changed. Now, the time of the last modification of the NC file is also used to update the legend. After the NC file has been modified, the page must be updated with F9 or with the Edit=>Update Fields command.

Bug Fixes R2015.2

  • (ID3890): Because of an error in the Data File Open Dialog Box the function File=>More File Functions=>Synchronize Data Files could not be used. This bug was only in R2015.1.
  • (ID3891): The File List Window: If an IPW/IPZ file was opened using an hyperlink in Excel, the file was not added to the Open UniPlot Files in the File List.
  • (ID3894): plotcategory: If the parameter color_scale was not specified, the function call failed.
  • (ID3895): The File List Window: If a page name of an IPW/IPZ file started or ended with a space character an error occurred and the page could not be activated.
  • (ID3896): DocSelectPage: The function call failed, if a page name was given.
  • (ID3897): ref:data-data-exchange-page: The dialog box was sometimes not displayed.
  • (ID3899): Diagram=>X/Y/Z-Axis=>Parameters: If the option Autoscale and the option Log-Scaling was enabled and the curve data contained nevative coordinates, an error occurred.
  • (ID3900): TableSetBrushIndex: The fill color Transparent could not be selected.
  • (ID3901): Import of MATLAB Data Files: Complex matrizes were ignored.
  • (ID3902): NC2 files: The channels of NC2 files could not be listed, if the file was write protected. The nc_inquire_nvars function returned 0 for write protected NC2 files.

Bug Fixes R2015.1

  • (ID3867): A UniPlot page embedded in different application (OLE), for example PowerPoint, was not displayed correctly in UniPlot, if the page contained 2D curves. In UniPlot, the page could be updated with ALT+R (replot).

  • (ID3872): obj_keys: If the function was invoked with two parameters and the second parameter was lexicographically smaller than the first parameter, an memory access violation occurred:

    o = [. ab = 1, abc = 1, aa = 1]
    o.keys("aa", "ab") // OK
    o.keys("ab", "aa") // memory acces violation

    Now the strings will be swapped internally.

  • (ID3875): ASAM-ODS Browser (CORBA): Memory leacks fixed.

  • (ID3876): ASAM-ODS Browser (CORBA): If the ASAM-ODS browser was invoked from the data exchange function Data=>Data Exchange (Page), the selection of measurements failed.

  • (ID3877): DocInsertPage: Pages could not be inserted at position 0.

  • (ID3887): Import of CAN Files: If the DBC file contained spaces in the channel definition, the file loading failed.

  • (ID3889): Multiple 64-bit cast operations have been fixed in the 64-Bit-UniPlot version. The error could cause memory access violations (c00000005). For this reason it is recommended to install the 64-bit update.

Bug Fixes R2015.0

  • (ID3840): Diagram=>X/Y/Z-Axis=>Parameters: The number of decimal places was incorrectly calculated, if autoscaling was enabled and e-Format was used.
  • (ID3852): Diagram=>Link Axes Scales: If a page or diagram with axes links was copied from one document into another document and the link names already existed in the target document, the skaling was updated. This was an unexpected behavior. Now the scaling link name is modified for the inserted elements, if the scaling is different. The scaling of the inserted elements will not be modified.
  • (ID3857): set_ch: The function could not be invoked with two parameters. Because of this bug, the formula interpreter could not be used with older formulas.
  • (ID3859): File=>Export Data: Since UniPlot R2014.3 the export failed if a target directory was selected.
  • (ID3862): The Data Browser Window: If dataset type Add File was selected, the option X-Sort and Autoscale was ignored.
  • (ID3863): Edit=>Copy Page: If a page with an isoline plot was inserted into PowerPoint and the isolines were switch off, the isoline labels were not displayed.

A complete list of known bugs can be found on the Internet: http://www.uniplot.com/bugs_e.htm.