Data=>Data FilterΒΆ

The Data=>Data Filter dialog is used to select a list of filter functions.

The first filter function calculates its result from the original data. If more than one filter function is in the list, each filter function uses the result from its predecessor as input.


Available Filter

Displays a list of available filter functions.

Selected Filter
The list displays the selected filter functions with their parameters in parenthesis. Help can be displayed for each function by clicking the function in the list.
Adds a filter function from the left list to the right list.
Removes the marked function from the list of selected filters.
Edits the filter function parameters.
One Up
Moves the selected function one position up.
One Down
Moves the selected function one position down.
Displays a short help text for the selected function.


A list of available filter functions can be found under Filter Functions for XY datasets.