What’s New in UniPlot 5.5.0

This page describes the changes made to UniPlot 5.5.0 since version 5.4.1.

New Features

  • Functions for reading and writing Excel 2007 data files have been added. Excel 2007 doesn’t need to be installed to use the new functions. Excel-2007 sheets can contain up to 1.000.000 rows and up to 16.000 columns.

    The description of the new Excel functions is found under Overview Excel Files. The new functions for writing Excel-2007 files can be used to create files with multiple sheets.

  • Import of DIAdem TDM- and TDMS-files (see Import/Export of TDM Files).

  • Import of MDF-Stiegele Files (Format of Stiegele Datensysteme GmbH and Caesar Datensystem GmbH).

  • sqlite3 (see http://www.sqlite.org/ and Overview SQLite).

  • PostgreSQL (see http://www.postgresql.org/ and Overview PostgreSQL).

  • Data=>Data Exchange (Page): More style attributes are displayed in the 2D-Style dialog box.

  • Faster loading of documents with multiple pages. In older versions the loading of documents with 255 pages took approx. 5 seconds. Now the loading time take less than 0.5 seconds.

  • The missing_value value for NC files has been changed to 1e10. This value is used for floats (float 4 Bytes) and for double precision floats (double - 8 Bytes). The old value caused problems with comparison operators.

  • Improved Import Filter for CSV files, Text files, Excel files and UTX files, see Format Description for CSV, Text and Excel Files. The obsolete options in the File=>Import Options dialog box have been removed.

  • The 3D Color Legend function has been modified. Instead of multiple text and rectangle objects the new 3D color Legend is using a table object. The 3D Color legend can be displayed horizontally or vertically. To create a 3D Color Legend right click a 3D dataset and choose 3D Legend from the context menu. See also Data=>3D Color Legend).


New UniScript Functions

You find a table with all new functions here UniScript R2010.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • (ID1412): If the 2D-Dataset dialog was closed using the ESC key sometimes the datasets on the page were not displayed. Only a replot (Alt+R) would fix the problem.
  • (ID1435): The File=>Close (Save Compact) command did not save the file’s creation date. The new function SetFileTime fixes this problem.
  • (ID1436) @f{legendfile}: The function changed the display order of the data files.
  • (ID1447): The CopyFile and MoveFile can now be used with Unicode file names.
  • (ID1456): The fgetline function in UniPlot 5.4.1 did handled 0 characters differently from older UniPlot versions. 0 characters were treated as new line characters. Now the function will read to a “real” new line character, but only return the string ending at the first 0 character.
  • (ID1458): If the command Set to Default was used in the Tools=>Options dialog box the sector size was set to 512 Bytes. Now the sector size will be set to 4096 Bytes. Only when running under Windows NT 4.0 is the sector size set to 512 Bytes.
  • (ID1464): IFILE: If the maximum resolution of an IFILE was 0.025 degree crank angle UniPlot calculated a Crank Angle (CA) channel with a incorrect resolution. The resolution was 2 times higher than specified.
  • (ID1462): 2D Dataset: If a 2D dataset contained NAN’s (Not a Number) UniPlot got stuck in an infinite loop.
  • (ID1466): ExcelRead: If the Excel file was created by a Far East Excel version and the number of string was quite high the Excel file could not be read.
  • (ID1468): FileToField: If the column separator occurred in quotes and the parameter bQuotedNumberConversion was set to TRUE (1) the file could not be read.
  • (ID1471): Data=>Data Exchange (Page): If a record filter was specified for a NC file and a channel contained only missing_values, a script error occurred (DS_interface_SetDataSource.ic, row 523).