Use the Options dialog box to specify the default settings for different objects.

Snap-To-Grid for Drawing Objects and Diagrams
When you drag a handle of a drawing object or diagram, the object is pulled into alignment with the grid line or the nearest intersection of grid lines. In this field you can set the spacing between grid lines in steps of 0.1 mm to 20 mm. To turn off this effect hold down the ctrl key while you drag the object.
Size of Object Handles
Object handles are small rectangles that show the object has been selected. This function sets the size of an object handle in millimeters ranging from 1 to 10.
Width of Shadows
Sets the width of shadows for drawing objects in millimeters ranging from 0.5 and 10.
Number of Stripes for Color Gradient
Sets the number of stripes for the horizontal color gradient of the drawing object. Each stripe will be filled with one color. The number must lie between 10 and 100.
Sets language to German, English or Japanese. The change will be activated the next time you start UniPlot and include menus, dialog boxes, help text and error messages.
Set to Default
Sets all settings back to their default settings.
Data Type for 1D-, 2D-Datasets
Sets the data type for 1D and 2D datasets. This option is also used for the Text- and Excel file import.
Object Settings
Click a button to specify the settings of the different objects.


Version Description
R2015.6 New language Japanese added.
R2011.7 The option Sector size of IPW document files has been removed

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