UniScript R2010

  New Functions in UniPlot R2010 (5.20)
AppHelpOptions AppHelpOptions sets or returns help setting options.
Browser_DblClickCallback Browser_DblClickCallback is invoked by the framework if an element in the channel list box is double-clicked.
Browser_DropCallback Browser_DropCallback is invoked by the framework if channel names are dropped into a UniPlot document or the main window.
Browser_EditCallback Browser_EditCallback is invoked by the framework if the Edit button in the data browser window is clicked.
Browser_FileChangeCallback Browser_FileChangeCallback is invoked by the framework if the file name is changed in the file combo box.
Browser_GetControlSelection Browser_GetControlSelection returns the selected elements in the controls of the data browser window.
Browser_GetDataFile Browser_GetDataFile returns the name of the active data file displayed in the data browser window.
Browser_IsVisible Browser_IsVisible checks if the data browser window is visible.
Browser_LoadCallback Browser_LoadCallback is invoked by the framework if the Load button is clicked.
Browser_Replot Browser_Replot replots the data browser window.
Browser_SetControlData Browser_SetControlData sets the data in the data browser control elements.
Browser_SetControlSelection Browser_SetControlSelection sets the selection in the data browser control elements.
Browser_SetDataFile Browser_SetDataFile opens a data file in the Data-Browser window.
Browser_Show Browser_Show displays or hides the data browser window.
Browser_SortCallback Browser_SortCallback is invoked by the framework if a title button in the channel list is clicked.
DS_GetKeys DS_GetKeys returns all keys of the dataset map “Datasource”.
DS_GetNCFileName DS_GetNCFileName returns the netCDF file name used to load the data into the dataset.
DS_GetOriginFileName DS_GetOriginFileName returns the file name that was converted to the UniPlot data file used to load the data.
DS_GetValue DS_GetValue returns an attribute from the “Datasource” map.
DS_RemoveValue DS_RemoveValue removes a Key-Value pair from the datasource map “Datasource”.
DS_SetDataSource DS_SetDataSource sets the data file name and the channel names in the “Datasource” map of a dataset.
DS_SetValue DS_SetValue sets a value in the “Datasource” map.
DocAddEmptyPages DocAddEmptyPages adds one or more empty pages to a document.
DocGetLoadCallback DocGetLoadCallback returns the callback function name, that was set with DocSetLoadCallback.
DocGetUserData DocGetUserData returns the UniScript object that was linked to the document with DocSetUserData
DocIsVisible DocIsVisible checks if the document window is visible or hidden.
DocSetLoadCallback DocSetLoadCallback sets a callback function. The callback function will be invoked before a document page is loaded.
DocSetUserData With DocSetUserData a UniScript object can be linked to a document.
NC_TimeInterpolation NC_TimeInterpolation interpolates the channels of an NC file with different time channels onto one time base.
akimaspline2 akimaspline2 executes a 2-dimensional “matrix to matrix” interpolation.
fspline2 fspline2 executes a 2-dimensional “matrix to matrix” interpolation.
griddata griddata creates a regular grid of arbitrarily distributed data triples.
interpol2 interpol2 executes a 2-dimensional “matrix to matrix” interpolation.
rspline2 rspline2 executes a 2-dimensional “matrix to matrix” interpolation.
smooth2 smooth2 is a function to smooth a matrix using the Savitzky-Golay algorthim.
spline2 spline2 executes a 2-dimensional “matrix to matrix” interpolation.
xml_esc xml_esc escapes special XML characters.
xml_parse_string xml_parse_string converts a valid XML string into a UniScript object.
xml_save_node xml_save_node saves a UniScript object as an XML file.
  Modified Functions in UniPlot R2010 (5.20)
AppHelp AppHelp opens the UniPlot help system.
EdCreate EdCreate creates a new editor.
RegOpen Opens a registry key.
RegisterFunction RegisterFunction registers a function from a dynamic link library (DLL) to the UniScript symbol table. After a function is registered, the function can be called directly by UniScript.
UniScript.Load Loads a UniScript file.
XYAddData The XYAddData function adds data to an existing dataset.
XYGetData XYGetData returns all data points or a clipping of data points.
XYReload XYReload loads data.
XYSetData XYSetData sets the xy-coordinates of a dataset.
XYZCreate XYZCreate creates a new 3D dataset. The 3D dataset can be created from scattered XYZ triples or from a rectangular grid (matrix).
loadiclib loadiclib loads a UniScript library which contains UniScript functions in binary form.
saveiclib saveiclib saves all loaded UniScript functions in an UniScript Library file.