Import of MDF-Stiegele Files

The addin converts MDF Stiegele files to UniPlot-netCDF data files. The Format is used by Caesar Datensysteme GmbH and Stiegele Datensysteme GmbH. The file extension is .mdf. (Do not mix up the format with the MDF format of Etas GmbH).


  • Choose Tools=>Add-In Manager.
  • Check the “MDF Stiegele Import (*.mdf)” addin.
  • Choose OK. Restart UniPlot.


MDF Stiegele Import

  • Choose File=>Import Data.
  • Choose Type “MDF Stiegele File (*.mdf)”.
  • Select one or more MDF files.


Measure Description Files (MDF) are description header files referring to data files with the file extension .dta or the extension .dat. Both files must be located in the same directory. The current version supports the file type 1 and 2 (Time data and Time data with time channel).


Version Description
R2022.6 Supports type 200.
5.5.0 New.