Browser=>Create Embedded Data Table

The function creates a data table from the selected data channels.

To create a new data table open an NC file into the data browser. Select the type element Text: Data Table. Select the channels in the channel list and drag the channel into a UniPlot document.


Double click the table to open the Configuration dialog box.

Channel List
The channel list displays in each row one channel. The channel list has 5 columns:
Column Description
Channel Name The channel can be selected from the combo box.
Title If this field is empty the channel name is displayed as a title.
Unit If this field is empty the channel unit is displayed as a unit text.
Number Format Sets the number format in the form 00.00. The number of digits behind the decimal point specifies the number of decimals.
Conditional Format Click the ... button to specify a conditional format. Depending on the data values a fill color can be set.
NC File
Displays the selected data file name. Click the ... button to select a new data file.
Opens the NC editor.
Inserts a new channel (row in the list).
Removes the selected channels.
Move Up
Moves the selected channels one position up.
Move Down
Moves the selected channels one position down.

Shrink number of Table Rows and Columns automatically

If this option is marked the not used columns and rows are removed.

Display Channel Name

Is selected the channel title will be displayed in the first table row.

Display Channel Unit

If selected the unit text will be displayed in the row above the first data row.

Record Selection

Specifies the data records displayed in the data table. For example, to display the first 10 records type in 1 and 10. To display the last 10 records type in -10 to -1. Negative record values count from the end. -1 is the index of the last record. If the record selection is enabled the record filter in the NC file is ignored.

Maximum Number of Data Rows

Specifies the maximum number of records displayed in the data table. The number should be selected so that depending on the font the complete table is inside the page.


The table formatting can be set using the table and font toolbar.

The table data can be exchanged using the Data=>Data Exchange (Page) function.

The name of the data table object will be set to nc_datatable. Inside a script the table can be accessed using the PageGetObjectHandle script function (PageGetObjectHandle(hPage, "nc_datatable")).

A double click on the table opens the configuration dialog box.


The following script creates a data table.

obj = DataTable_CreateObject();
obj.ssNCFile = "c:/";
smMatrix = ["EngSpd", "N", "1/min", "0000.0";
            "PME", "", "", "00.00";
            "Fuel", "be", "g/kWh", "000.0";
            "SB", "", "", "";
            "SZ", "", "", "";
            "TKWA", "", "", "00.00";
            "P0", "", "", "";
            "Alpha", "", "", ""];

obj.smMatrix = smMatrix;
hTable = OnDataTable_AddEmbedded(hLayer, obj);
OBJSetPosSize(hTable, [3, -3, 1, 1]);


Version Description
5.30.5 New