Edit Object=>Placeholder-DialogΒΆ

This dialog box can be used to edit the placeholder text of the active page.

The first column contains the placeholder name without the enclosing $-signs. The second column contains the placeholder text.


The cell name can contain a placeholder. A placeholder is text that begins with a dollar sign, followed by the text, followed by another dollar sign, e.g. $Operator$.

The placeholders can be edited using a special dialog box or the text can be loaded from a data file using the data browser or using the command Load Placeholder Text from File (Right click outside the page to open the page context menu.)

To load the data from a data file the text within the $ symbols must agree with text in the global attributes of the selected NC file. The placeholder text is case sensitive. Values will be converted into strings. If the NC attribute contains a vector, the elements will be separated by a comma followed by a blank.

To access attributes of a specific variable the variable name must be separated from the attribute name by a period. Example: $Torque.long_name$.

The placeholder text can be loaded from a data file using the data browser. See The Data Editor. Select the type Text: Load Placeholder Text.

See also: Text Placeholder.

Examples for Placeholders:

Placeholder Description
$Operator$ Global NC-File attribute Operator.
$Origin$ Global NC-File attribute Origin. This attribute contains usually the file name of the original data file.
$speed.units$ Attribute units of the speed channel.
$File1:Origin$ Global attribute Origin from the first data file.
$(2)File1:Origin$ The number in parenthesis at the placeholder beginning sets the display order in the dialog box.
$File1:speed.units$ Attribute units of the speed channel from the first file.
$File1:speed.1; %.2lf$ Displays the first value of the speed channel with two decimal places.
$File1:speed.-2; %.1lf$ Displays the second last value of the speed channel with one decimal place.

If the document contains multiple pages you can use Diagram=>More Diagram Functions=>Global Placeholders to select placeholders that should show the same text in all pages.