What’s New in UniPlot 5.8.2

This page describes the changes made to UniPlot 5.8.2 since version 5.8.1.

New Features

  • Famos Files: Famos files version 1 can be loaded. Older versions of the filter only supported format version 2 (see Import of FAMOS files). The new filter can also import files with data saved in record order.
  • Dialog elements are displayed in Windows XP style instead of the old Windows-2000 style.

Modified UniScript Functions

The changes are listed in the history table at the end of the function description.

  Modified Functions in UniPlot 5.8.2
fread fread reads data from a file.
mem_get mem_get reads bytes from a string and converts the data.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • (ID1807): File=>File Quick View: If the File Quick View template contained only one diagram, the 2D dataset y-channel name and the 3D dataset z-channel name were used as the page name.

  • (ID1808): Data=>Data Exchange (Document), Data=>Data Exchange (Page): If multiple sheets from one Excel file were used in a document, all sheets were immediately replaced. A message box will now appear after the first sheet is selected with the question if all sheets should be replaced.

  • (ID1809): UTX-Import-Filter: If a data file contained more than one text channel with an identical name, the import failed. See UTX Data File Format.

  • (ID1810): Import of IFILE Data Files: If the data file contained channels with only one data point, the import failed. This error occurred only in UniPlot 5.8.1.

  • (ID1811): Import of IFILE Data Files: The following features have been added to the IFile Filter: Import of up to 99 operating parameters, long channel names (more than 10 characters), import of calculated channels (these features have been added to the IFile format with IndiCom 1.3).

  • (ID1813): UniScript: “//” comments could cause problems in #define commands. This bug has been fixed. Example:

    #define ABC 123 // Comment
    #define DEF 456 /* OK */
    sprintf("%d", ABC) // Bug in uniplot 5.8.1, OK in 5.8.2
    sprintf("%d", DEF) // OK
  • (ID1815): Autocale Axes: If all coordinates of a datasets were negative, the automatic scaling failed.

  • (ID1816): Import of IFILE Data Files: Sometimes, if the NC file was saved in the netcdf-up format, not all channels could be imported. See Tools=>More Options, “Data Import and Data Browser=>netCDF Filetype”.

  • (ID1818): auto_GetFileNameDialog: New option to sort the file names. The names can be sorted in alphabetical order or by date (recent files at the top).

  • (ID1821): fft: The FFT calculation of datasets with more than 5000 data points was very slow if the number of points was a prime number (for example 99991 points). Now the number of points will be extended by padding to a product of small prime numbers.

  • (ID1824): Error bars: The Error bars could only be displayed with a dashed line style.