Import of FAMOS files


The addin rs_famos is an import filter for UniPlot to access FAMOS data files. FAMOS is a data file format of the company imc Messsysteme GmbH,



  • Start UniPlot.

  • Choose “Data=>Import Data”.

  • Choose the file type “Famos Data Files (.dat)”. If you have data files with a different extension (e.g. *.raw), choose “All Files (.*)”.

  • Choose one or more Famos data files.

  • If you have selected a single file the following dialog will be displayed:


    Select one group from the list.


The Addin uses the norm name addin. The scheme name is set to “Famos” (Default). It can be set to any other name with the following call:

WriteProfileString("Famos", "NormNameScheme", "MCM");


  • October 10, 2008: (UniPlot 5.8.2). Filter supports Famos version 1 files. Older versions of the filter only supported the format version 2. Data saved in record order can be loaded.
  • April 28, 2006: First Version (UniPlot 5.1.0).


If you have any problems using the filter please do not hesitate to contact us.