What’s New in UniPlot 4.0.3

This page describes the changes made to UniPlot 4.0.3 since version 4.0.2.

New Features

  • Dataset properties are saved in XML format. Style files can be edited using the built-in-editor or the dialog box Tools=>Dataset Style Configuration. New style files have the file name extension .sty. Old style files will be converted to the new format automatically. For a list of all properties see XYSetProps and XYZSetProps.
  New Functions in UniPlot 4.0.3
XYGetProps XYGetProps returns a string with properties of an x/y dataset.
XYSetDefault XYSetDefault sets all dataset properties of 2D dataset to default.
XYSetProps XYSetProps sets the dataset properties of a 2D dataset.
XYZGetProps XYZGetProps returns the dataset properties of a 3D dataset (x/y/z).
XYZIsIsolinesVisible XYZIsIsolinesVisible returns a nonzero value if the isolines are visible; otherwise 0.
XYZSetDefault XYZSetDefault sets all dataset properties of a 3D dataset to default.
XYZSetProps XYZSetProps sets the dataset properties of a 3D dataset.
XYZShowIsolines XYZShowIsolines shows or hides the isolines.
nc_get_option nc_get_option gets an option.
nc_set_option nc_set_option sets an option.

Changed Functions

Channel Quick View

The file selection dialog box has been changed. The file name and the directory name have been swapped and are separated by the characters >>>, i.e. map.xls>>>c:\data\. If the combo list box contains a bigger number of files a file can be selected by typing the name or the first characters of the name into the edit field. The list box will display all file names matching this pattern.

Text Placeholder

The placeholder syntax has been extended. With the new syntax the values of variables can be accessed. The placeholder for a channel value has the syntax:


The format string can be set to format the value (see printf):


Example: $N_ACT.1;%0.1lf$ returns the first value of the channel N_ACT with one decimal (1234.1). $torque.-1;%0.2lf Nm$ returns the last value of the channel torque with two decimals (123.23 Nm). A negative index of -1 return the last data point, -2 the second last value and so on.

Document Scrolling

The mouse wheel allows you to scroll through a document by rotating the wheel.

For some older computers scrolling is very slow. If the following UniScript function is executed in the UniScript command window continuous scrolling can be switched off.

WriteProfileInt("Settings", "simple-scrolling", 1)

The document is updated when the scroll operation is finished. After the option is set restart UniPlot.

The following command returns standard continuous scrolling:

WriteProfileInt("Settings", "simple-scrolling", 0)

Bug fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • The nonlin function had a memory leak.

  • The TableSetBrushIndex caused an error if invoked with three parameters

  • The documentation of the TableCreate(nColumns, nRows) function had an error.

  • The XYZGetBubbleSize functions returned the size in steps of 0.01 centimeters instead of centimeters.

  • Compatibility problems between UniPlot 3.x and UniPlot 4: In UniPlot 3.x global variables could be used in a function without being declared at the beginning of the function. This bug has been fixed in UniPlot 4. In UniPlot 4 each global variable must be declared at the beginning of the function (global var1, var2;).

    Unfortunately, this caused problems with older script files. To return to the old behavior, you can insert the line config("no-global-redeclaring", 1) at the beginning of the file. Example:

    config("no-global-redeclaring", 1)
    def test1()
        global a;
        a = 123;
    def test2()
        print a;
    test2(); /* prints 123 */
  • The MessageBoxError function caused an memory violation error if the first parameter was an empty string, e.g.: MessageBoxError(strempty(1,1)).

  • The functions XYZShowIsolines and XYZIsIsolinesVisible were missing in UniPlot 4.0.0 to UniPlot 4.0.2.

  • Polar Plot: The curve was drawn from the last data point to an arbitrary data point outside the plot.

  • Dataset List: The Data=>Dataset List dialog box could not be opened with a right mouse click inside the diagram. This bug has been fixed.

  • NOT_FOUND: Placeholder values which could not be found in the specified NC file were replaced by the text NOT_FOUND. The text NOT_FOUND has been replaced by an empty string.

  • If the diagram size or position were manipulated using the arrow keys UniPlot would cause a memory violation error in some circumstances.

  • The rs_pdsi.ini files were overwritten during the installation process. The new setup program writes the file rs_pdsi.ini.org.

  • Excel-Report: The report function File=>More File Functions=>Excel Report failed if the directory was specified in the Tools=>More Options dialog box as an UNC path, e.g. \\p700\c\protokolle.

  • Excel-Report: The _Report_SetNumberFormat() in the script file rs_table.ic had a typing error in line 640.

  • 3D dataset: The function to calculate the data hull of a 3D dataset had an error if the data of the dataset was replaced. The function name was extended by multiple times by the string wotcurve(xx,x,x,x).

  • XML: The element handler XML_Parse had a memory leak of 48 bytes.

Read What’s New in UniPlot 4.0.0 to see the changes made since UniPlot 3.6.x.

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