DocSetDataFileList saves the list of used data file names in the document.

bool = DocSetDataFileList(hDoc, smMatrix)

Return Value



hDoc is a handle of an UniPlot document.


smMatrix is a matrix with 6 columns:

Column Alias Description
1 DS_FILE_ORIGIN Original data file name. For Excel files the sheet name can be added to the file name in square brackets.
2 DS_FILE_NCNAME Name of the NC file
3 DS_FILE_ACTION Action string: One of the following values: UNCHANGED, SETTOZERO, SETSTYLEONLY or an empty string "" for replace data.
4 DS_FILE_STYLEPROPS 2D style attributes, See XYSetProps.
5 DS_FILE_STYLEPROPS3D 3D style attributes, See XYZSetProps.
6 DS_FILE_COMMENT Comment string.
7 DS_FILE_RECORDFILTER Record-Filter: See auto_SetFilter


Version Description
R2015.5 New column added: DS_FILE_RECORDFILTER
5.11.0 New.