DocGetDataFileList returns the list of used data files in the document or page.

smMatrix = DocGetDataFileList(hDoc)
smMatrix = DocGetDataFileList(hvPage)
smMatrix = DocGetDataFileList(hDoc, bUpdate)

Return Value

smMatrix is a matrix with 6 columns:

Column Alias Description
1 DS_FILE_ORIGIN Original data file name. For Excel files the sheet name can be added to the file name in square brackets.
2 DS_FILE_NCNAME Name of the NC file
3 DS_FILE_ACTION Action string: One of the following values: UNCHANGED, SETTOZERO, SETSTYLEONLY or an empty string "" for replace data.
4 DS_FILE_STYLEPROPS2D 2D style attributes, See XYSetProps
5 DS_FILE_STYLEPROPS3D 3D style attributes, See XYZSetProps
6 DS_FILE_COMMENT Comment string
7 DS_FILE_RECORDFILTER Record-Filter: See auto_SetFilter

If the list is empty, smMatrix contains an empty string.



hDoc is a handle of a UniPlot document.


hvPage is a vector of page handles. The list contains only data files used in the specified pages.


If bUpdate is TRUE (1), the list is updates with the data sources of all datasets. Default values is TRUE (1).


Version Description
R2015.5 New column added: DS_FILE_RECORDFILTER
5.11.0 New.