3. Overview DocumentsΒΆ

  Create and Destroy
DocCreate DocCreate creates a new document or opens an existing document. The document can contain pages with diagrams. The document will be displayed in a window.
DocDestroy DocDestroy closes the given document, frees any memory that the document occupied and destroys the document handle.
DocCanPaste DocCanPaste checks if the objects in the clipboard have a format that is supported by UniPlot.
DocFindTaggedObject DocFindTaggedObject finds layer and drawing objects containing the specified tag.
DocGetActivePage DocGetActivePage returns the handle of the active (visible) document page.
DocGetAllPages DocGetAllPages returns a vector of all page handles for the given document or page handle.
DocGetDataFileList DocGetDataFileList returns the list of used data files in the document or page.
DocGetFileType DocGetFileType checks if the document is an ipz or ipw file.
DocGetLoadCallback DocGetLoadCallback returns the callback function name, that was set with DocSetLoadCallback.
DocGetPageCount DocGetPageCount returns the number of pages in a document.
DocGetPageHandle DocGetPageHandle returns the page handle for a given page name or a given page index.
DocGetPageNames DocGetPageNames returns a string vector with page names.
DocGetPageNumber DocGetPageNumber returns the index of the given page.
DocGetPathName DocGetPathName returns the document file name or an empty string if the document has not been saved.
DocGetProtectionComment DocGetProtectionComment retrieves the comment that is displayed when a password protected document is opened.
DocGetProtectionFlags DocGetProtectionFlags returns the protection flag.
DocGetSummaryInfo DocGetSummaryInfo receives information from the Summary Information.
DocGetTitle DocGetTitle returns the document title.
DocGetUserData DocGetUserData returns the UniScript object that was linked to the document with DocSetUserData
DocHasAttachments DocHasAttachments checks if the document has attachments.
DocIsModified DocIsModified determines if the contents of a document have been modified.
DocIsReadOnly DocIsReadOnly checks if the read-only flag is set.
DocIsVisible DocIsVisible checks if the document window is visible or hidden.
DocSetDataFileList DocSetDataFileList saves the list of used data file names in the document.
GetAllDocuments GetAllDocuments returns the handle of all open IPW/IPZ files.
DocAddEmptyPages DocAddEmptyPages adds one or more empty pages to a document.
DocAddPage DocAddPage adds new pages to the document.
DocCopyPage Copies a page from the source to the destination document.
DocExchangeDataFiles DocExchangeDataFiles executes a data exchange for a complete document.
DocGetScript DocGetScript returns the script text embedded in the document.
DocInsertPage DocInsertPage inserts new pages to the document.
DocInsertToc DocInsertToc inserts or updates a Table of Contents.
DocLoadPage DocLoadPage returns the page handle for the given page name.
DocPrint DocPrint prints the pages from the document to the printer.
DocPrintPDF DocPrintPDF prints the document pages to a PDF file.
DocSave DocSave saves a document to disk.
DocSaveModified DocSaveModified saves the document if the modification flag is set. If the file does not exist a SaveAs dialog box will be displayed.
DocSelectPage DocSelectPage activates the given page and returns the handle.
DocSetLoadCallback DocSetLoadCallback sets a callback function. The callback function will be invoked before a document page is loaded.
DocSetModifiedFlag DocSetModifiedFlag sets or clears the modification flag of the document.
DocSetPathName DocSetPathName sets the file name.
DocSetProtectionFlags DocSetProtectionFlags sets the password, the comment and the protection flag.
DocSetReadOnly DocSetReadOnly sets the read-only flag.
DocSetScript DocSetScript copies a script into a UniPlot document. The script will be executed when the document is opened.
DocSetSummaryInfo DocSetSummaryInfo writes text into the Summary Information of an UniPlot document.
DocSetTitle DocSetTitle sets the document title.
DocSetUserData With DocSetUserData a UniScript object can be linked to a document.
DocShow DocShow shows or hides a document window.