What’s New in UniPlot 5.8.0

This page describes the changes made to UniPlot 5.8 since version 5.7.

New Features

  • Savitzky-Golay-Filter: A low-pass filter which is useful for smoothing data

    smooth_sgolay(nPolynomialOrder, nWindowSize, PeakFilterFactor)

    With the help of the optional parameter PeakFilterFactor peaks can be preserved in the filtered signal.

    smooth(nNeighbor, PeakFilterFactor)

    The optional parameter PeakFilterFactor has been added to the smooth function (moving average) as well.

    See also Filter Functions for XY datasets.

  • New function to create compressor maps (3D: Compressor-Map x/y/z/speed): 4 channels must be specified for a compressor map e.g. x = air flow, y = pressure ratio, z = efficiency, speed = wheel rotation speed. The coordinates of the x/y/z channels are used to create the efficiency map. The speed channel is used to sort the x/y data and create curves of constant speed. The curves are labeled with the rounded speed value and are used to find the surge limit and pump limit.


    See also File=>Import Data.

  • Data=>Data Exchange (Page): If the original data file does not exist and the NC-file is still available, a message box will be displayed asking if the NC file should be used instead.

    The data exchange function Data=>Data Exchange (Page) now supports the dataset types (2D: x/y Cycle und 2D: X/y Cycle-Index) (Waterfall diagram). The data of the compressor map can be exchanged as well. The datasets must be loaded with UniPlot 5.8.0. Datasets loaded with older versions are not supported.

  • Label data points with a text channel: For the dataset type 2D: X/Y/Label a text channel (char) can be used for the label channel. The data exchange of this dataset type is supported.

  • Import/Export of TDM Files: The attributes wf_increment and wf_start_offset are converted into the UniPlot NC attribute XStart_XDelta. This is useful when importing 1D: y/t channels.

  • UTX-Import Filter: If the channel names are given in the form Name [unit] and no other units are specified, the names will be split into channel name and unit. Example: Torq [Nm] will be split in the channel name Torq and the unit Nm.

    Splitting can be disabled with the following command:

    WriteProfileInt("Settings", "UTX_Split_Name_Unit", 0)

    See UTX Data File Format.

  • MDF-Import: The MDF file attribute Text will be split into separate attributes. If a text line contains a column, the text before the colon will be used as the attribute name and the text behind the colon as the attribute value.

  • Tools=>Dataset Style Order Configuration: The new key word Curve has been added to the dialog box. If you choose Curve in the color column, the first curve will be displayed in the first color, the second curve in the second color and so on.

New UniScript Functions

You find a table with all new functions here UniScript R2010.

  New Functions in UniPlot 5.8.0
OBJSetRefPoint OBJSetRefPoint specifies, to which corner of the object the position coordinates refer.
sgolayfilt sgolayfilt computes a moving average using the Savitzky-Golay algorithm.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • (ID1769): Online-Help: The table of contents was incorrect. This bug was only in UniPlot 5.7.0.
  • (ID1770): “Text: Create Header Table”: If an attribute contained a very long string, the data table created was much wider than the paper size. Now these cells will be broken into multiple lines.
  • (ID1775): NC-Browser: The combo box for the second Z-channel in the NC-Browser was not supported.
  • (ID1776): The column with of a table was not calculated correctly, if the cell format was set to display numbers but the cell contained an invalid number.
  • (ID1788): The Undo function did not undo the names of text objects correctly.
  • (ID1790): Then OBJRemoveMap function removed a map from an object and marked all other maps of that object as deleted.
  • (ID1792): Closing a document would sometimes cause a memory access violation. This bug was caused by an internal error.