What’s New in UniPlot 5.2.0

This page describes the changes made to UniPlot 5.2.0 since version 5.1.2.

New Features

  • UniPlot is now avaliable as a floating license (Concurrent License). If you are interested in a floating license please contact us.

  • In older versions of the UniPlot setup program the license key could not be set in the command line. Beginning with UniPlot 5.2.0 the new key, /LIC=NNN, can be used to set the license key. NNN is the complete license key. Example:

    up520.exe /S /LIC=NNN /D="C:\Program Files\UniPlot-520"
  • New addin to import TransPC files (.TPC) has been added. See Import of TransPC Data Files.

  • PDF Export has been added. Ghostscript must be installed to enable the PDF Export. See File=>PDF-Export.

  • A new command has been added to create a surface fit for a 3D dataset. The function can create a polynomial least squares fit up to the third order. See Data=>3D Polynomial Fit.

  • The zoom factor for IPW pages is now displayed in the toolbar.

  • The alpha version of the interface for the new UniPlot file format has been added. See Overview UPDF Files. The release version is planned for 2007.

  • Copy diagram: In older versions only one diagram could be copied to the clipboard. Now all selected diagrams can be copied.

New UniScript Functions

  New Functions in UniPlot 5.2.0
AppGetActivePrinterName The function AppGetActivePrinterName returns the active printer name.
DocPrintPDF DocPrintPDF prints the document pages to a PDF file.
ImageGetHeight ImageGetHeight returns the height in pixel of the given image.
ImageGetPixelColor ImageGetPixelColor returns the color value of a pixel as an RGB value.
ImageGetPixelGray ImageGetPixelGray returns the gray value of a pixel.
ImageGetWidth ImageGetWidth returns the width in pixel of the given image.
PageGetPaperSize PageGetPaperSize returns the index of a paper size.
moving_average The moving_average function calculates a moving average. This filter can be used to reduce random noise.
plotxyz plotxyz creates a new 3D dataset and plots the data into a diagram. The 3D dataset can be created from scattered XYZ triples or from a rectangular grid (matrix).

Modified UniScript Functions

  Changed Functions in UniPlot 5.2.0
diary diary opens and closes a file in which all input and output of the command window will be written.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • (ID0173): The documentation for the Browser=>Create New NC File command was missing.
  • (ID0743): Akima spline: The function to calculate the akima spline did not compute the last data point correctly. Sometimes the last point was a huge negative number. This bug has been fixed.
  • (ID1107): IFILE: If the file contained one or more channel with 0-length the following incorrect error message was displayed: “IFiles with multiple resolutions are not supported in this version”. Now the file will be created. All channels with 0-length will be skipped.
  • (ID1111): The output of the nonlin function into the command window was incorrect due to a Unicode problem in versions 5.0.0 to 5.1.2.
  • (ID1112): ncgen.exe, ncdump.exe and up3dv.exe did not start on computers where Microsoft C-Runtime-DLLs (msvcrtd.dll) (Debug) were missing. This error occurred only in UniPlot 5.1.0 to 5.1.2.
  • (ID1119): The DialogBox function did not initialize the radio buttons correctly.
  • (ID1121): The auto_GetFileNameDialog created an error if the specified directory did not contain any data files.
  • (ID1122): Undo function: The dataset Name, Info text and legend text was removed if the undo function was executed. This was a bug in all UniPlot 5 versions.
  • (ID1124): UTX-Filter: Channel attributes were not handled correctly if the attributes values were empty or contained numbers but not text.
  • (ID1026): Table Object: For hight zoom factors the column with and row height could not be modified using the mouse.
  • (ID1127): Table Object: Global document placeholders were not updated it the cell name contained a placeholder value. The result was that the text could not be changed because the field function would reset the text to the old value.
  • (ID1130): If NC_Edit was invoked during start up some of the commands e.g. Copy would not work.
  • (ID1131): Formula Interpreter: If a formula name was identical to a global attribute of the NC file, the depending channels were not updated. Now the global attribute will be ignored. The Help button in the Tools=>Formulalist did not open the correct help topic. The button “Remove Formula” did not remove a formula if the corresponding ic File did not exist. A new command has been added to the context menu of the NC browser to remove all formula channels from an NC file.
  • (ID1135): Data Browser: If the freeze command was selected for an already frozen channel an error occurred.
  • (ID1136): Program Editor: The “save As” command failed without an error message if the directory was write protected. The window title displayed the new location even if the file was not saved.
  • (ID1142) Debugger: If a UniScript file name contained more than one period, e.g.. Test.1.1.2006.ic the file could not be debugged.
  • (ID1145): Graphic Export: The save directory could not be set using the Browse button.
  • (ID1151): ASAM-ODS-3-Configuration: The Save directory for NC files could not be set using the Browse button.