Data=>3D Polynomial FitΒΆ

New command added to create a surface fit function for a 3D dataset. The function can create polynomial least squares fit up to third order.

Right click an isoline of a 3D dataset to open the context menu.

../../_images/3d-fit-dialog-en.png ../../_images/3d-fit-de.png


The result matrix will be added to the selected diagram as a 3D dataset.

The function can be used for 3D dataset created from xyz triples or a matrix. If the matrix has less than 3 columns or rows you can create a matrix with more columns or rows using the Data=>Matrix-Interpolation (3D) (linear Interpolation) command.

The fit parameter of the polynominal will be written to the clipboard. The clipboard contents can be inserted into the document with Ctrl+V. The clipborad can also be inserted into other applications.