What’s New in UniPlot 5.1.2

This page describes the changes made to UniPlot 5.1.2 since version 5.1.1.

New Features

New UniScript Functions

  New Functions in UniPlot 5.1.2
PageSetSize PageSetSize sets the paper size in centimeter or selects a predefined paper size.

Modified UniScript Functions

  Changed Functions in UniPlot 5.1.2
DocPrint DocPrint prints the pages from the document to the printer.
PagePrint PagePrint prints a page to the printer.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • (ID1097): The uninstall program did not remove all installed files.
  • (ID1099): The File=>Print Preview command could cause UniPlot to crash. This bug was in UniPlot 5.1.0 and 5.1.1.
  • (ID1100): The close button in Print Preview would close UniPlot and remove toolbars (UniPlot 4.2.x to 5.1.1).
  • (ID1101): Table Object: If a table cell contained more than one place holder (text enclosed in dollar characters) a script error could occur. The bug has been fixed. Now only the first place holder in a cell will be evaluated, all the other place holders will be ignored. Only one place holder should be inserted into a cell.
  • (ID1102): If a document page contained field functions, the File=>Print Preview command would sometimes crash UniPlot (UniPlot 4.2.x to 5.1.1).
  • (ID1104): ASAM-ODS4-Browser: Previousy, attribute names were duplicated and it was unclear to which attribute they belonged to. To avoid this confusion, the name will be extended by its base name, for example “AoTest_id”. As well, only the first 8 characters of a text channel were being saved in the NC file. This bug has also been fixed.