What’s New in UniPlot 5.0.0

This page describes the changes made to UniPlot 5.0 since version 4.2.x.

Important changes to UniPlot 5

  • UniPlot 5.x can be used with Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
  • UniPlot 5.x and UniPlot 4.x can be used on the same computer parallely . More information about using UniPlot 5 and 4 is covered in the next chapter.
  • The file format (.IPW) has been changed in UniPlot 5. UniPlot 5 can read all former UniPlot file formats, but older UniPlot versions cannot read the UniPlot 5 file format.
  • A new license key is necessary for UniPlot 5.0. The 4.x license key is invalid for UniPlot5.x. If you have purchased UniPlot 4.x or an update to 4.x after January 1, 2005 you can receive a new license key free of charge. Please send an e-mail with your current license key. If you purchased your license or your update before January 1, 2005 will would be happy to send you a quote for an update.

New Features

  • Up to version 4.2.x UniPlot used an 8 bit character set. Beginning with UniPlot 5 UniPlot uses Unicode (see http://www.unicode.org and http://www.unicode.org/standard/WhatIsUnicode.html).

  • Two new Addins to access ASAM-ODS databases have been added to UniPlot 5.0. See ASAM-ODS Browser (RPC) and ASAM-ODS Browser (CORBA)).

  • Text objects and table objects have been extended by automatic word wrap.

  • Text clipping has been added to text objects.

  • Improved batch mode: If UniPlot is set to batch mode the display of dialog and message boxes is suppressed (see AppSetBatchMode). Error messages are written to a log file (see log_error).

  • In stacked diagrams clipping of single y axis can be switched on or off. (Default: clipping is off). See Stacked diagrams with multiple y axes.

  • The axis title position can be modified using the mouse. To switch on this option, double click on the axis title and set the option “Free Position” in the Position and Size dialog page.

  • Polar-Diagram: The drawing direction can be set clockwise or counter-clockwise. The angle origin can be set relative to the 3 o’clock position. See Diagram=>Layout=>Polar.

  • DialogBox: The dialog template can contain radio buttons.

  • UTX-Import: The filter is not an addin any longer. It will be loaded at start up.

  • New Addin “Map-Calculator”. See Map Calculator.

New UniScript Functions

  New Functions in UniPlot 5.0
AppGetBatchMode AppGetBatchMode returns the batch mode flag. If batch mode is enabled the display of dialog and message boxes are suppressed.
AppSetBatchMode AppSetBatchMode sets the batch mode flag. If batch mode is enabled the display of dialog and message boxes are suppressed.
DdeAdvise DdeAdvise starts or stops a DDE advise loop with a server (Hot-Link).
DdeCallback_Advise DdeCallback_Advise is called by the server to send data to UniPlot.
DdeServiceName DdeServiceName The DdeNameService function registers a service name for UniPlot as a sever. The default service name is "UniPlotSL".
LayerGetPolarConfig LayerGetPolarConfig returns the polar diagram configuration.
LayerIsAxisTitleFreePos LayerIsAxisTitleFreePos returns TRUE (1) if the axis title position can be modified using the mouse.
LayerSetAxisTitleFreePos LayerSetAxisTitleFreePos specifies if the position of the axis title can be modified using the mouse.
LayerSetPolarConfig LayerSetPolarConfig set the polar diagram configuration.
MapCopy MapCopy creates a copy of the given map object.
TBConfigDialog Displays the text object configuration dialog box.
TBIsClipText TBIsClipText returns TRUE (1), if clipping is enabled.
TBIsWordWrap TBIsWordWrap returns TRUE (1), if word wrap is enabled.
TBSetClipText TBSetClipText enables or disables clipping.
TBSetWordWrap TBSetWordWrap enables or disables word wrap.
XYZSetData XYZSetData sets the xyz-coordinates of a dataset.
aop_closeenv aop_closeenv ends a session.
aop_getapplinf aop_getapplinf returns the application structure of an ASAM-ODS database.
aop_getattr aop_getattr returns attribute information about an application element.
aop_getinstattr aop_getinstattr returns instance element attributes.
aop_getinstref aop_getinstref returns the instance references.
aop_getpar aop_getpar returns the value of parameters.
aop_getsecuritylevel aop_getsecuritylevel returns the security-level of the specified element id.
aop_getval aop_getval returns the values of application elements.
aop_getvalattr aop_getvalattr returns channel attributes of one or more partial matrices.
aop_getvalinf aop_getvalinf returns information about a submatrix.
aop_getvalval aop_getvalval returns the values of a measurement (AoSubMatrix).
aop_openenv aop_openenv creates a new session.
aop_putval aop_putval writes data for an instance to the database.
aop_setinstref aop_setinstref set instance references.
aop_setpar aop_setpar sets properties.
aop_setpassword aop_setpassword sets a new password.
fclearerror fclearerror resets the error flag for the given file handle.
ferror ferror checks if the error flag for the given file handle is set.
log_add_logger log_add_logger adds a logger to the list of loggers.
log_error log_error writes a log message.
log_get_filename log_get_filename returns the log file name or an empty string if logging is disabled.
log_get_level log_get_level returns the output level for the given logger.
log_get_logger_names log_get_logger_names returns a string vector with all logger names.
log_is_active log_is_active checks if the given logger is enabled.
log_set_active log_set_active enables or disables a logger.
log_set_filename log_set_filename sets a file name of the output file for all loggers.
log_set_level log_set_level sets the output level for the given logger.
mem_dump mem_dump prints a string as a memory block into the command window.
mem_pack mem_pack converts a 16 bit string (UTF 16) to an 8 bit string.
mem_unpack mem_unpack creates a string from the given input byte string.
rpc_clnt_create rpc_clnt_create creates an RPC client pointer.
rpc_clnt_destroy rpc_clnt_destroy frees the RPC client pointer.
text_file_read text_file_read reads unicode and ANSI text files.
text_file_write text_file_write writes text into a file in ANSI - or Unicode format.
utf_from_locale utf_from_locale creates a Unicode string from an 8-Bit-ANSI string using the current local code page.
utf_to_locale utf_to_locale creates an 8-Bit-ANSI string from a Unicode string.
zip_list zip_list returns information about a given zip archive.
zip_unzip zip_unzip unzips a zip archive.
zip_unzip_buffer zip_unzip_buffer copies a file from the zip file into memory.
zip_zip zip_zip copies files in a new or existing zip file.

Modified UniScript Functions

  Changed Functions in UniPlot 5.0
GetTempFileName GetTempFileName creates a name for a temporary file.
IsFileText IsFileText checks if a file is a text file (ASCII File).
MapLoad MapLoad loads a map from a file, that was created with the MapSave function.
MapSave The MapSave function saves the data elements of a map in a file.
RegisterFunction RegisterFunction registers a function from a dynamic link library (DLL) to the UniScript symbol table. After a function is registered, the function can be called directly by UniScript.
XYZInsertLabel XYZInsertLabel lables isolines with their z-values.
base64_encode base64_encode encodes data into the base64 format
binary_decode Is replaced by base64_encode.
binary_encode Is replaced by base64_encode.
fgetline The fgetline function reads a string from the input file and stores it in a string.
fopen fopen opens a file.
fread fread reads data from a file.
loadiclib loadiclib loads a UniScript library which contains UniScript functions in binary form.
md5 md5 calculates the MD5 check sum using the algorithm http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc1321.html, MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm (RFC 1321).
mem_alloc mem_alloc creates a scalar string of the given length.
mem_compress mem_compress compresses a string which may contain 0-characters.
mem_get mem_get reads bytes from a string and converts the data.
mem_len mem_len returns the length in bytes of a scalar string or a matrix of strings.
mem_set mem_set sets the bytes in a string to values of a specified data type.
obj_save obj_save saves an object as an XML file or as an binary file on the hard drive or as a string.
saveiclib saveiclib saves all loaded UniScript functions in an UniScript Library file.
sort sort performs a sort from a real, complex or string matrix or vector.
sorti sorti sorts a real, complex or string matrix or vector in ascending order and returns an index vector of the sorted matrix.
strCharToOem strCharToOem translates a string from the Windows character set into the OEM-defined character set.
strOemToChar strOemToChar translates a string from the OEM-defined character set into the Windows character set.
strchar strchar creates a string from a vector from numbers.
strcode strcode returns the code values (numbers) of the given string.
utf8_encode utf8_encode converts an ANSI string to an UTF8 string.