UniScript R2017

The changes are listed in the history table at the end of the function description.

UniScript R2017.0

  New Functions in UniPlot R2017.0 (5.90.0)
ColorScale_dialog ColorScale_dialog displays a dialog box to select a color scale.
DocGetFileType DocGetFileType checks if the document is an ipz or ipw file.
DocHasAttachments DocHasAttachments checks if the document has attachments.
XYZEnableColorMap XYZEnableColorMap enables the use of the specified color map for a contour map or 3D surface map.
XYZGetColorMap XYZGetColorMap returns the name of a color map used to fill the areas of a contour map.
XYZIsColorMapEnabled XYZIsColorMapEnabled returns TRUE (1), if the color map is used.
XYZSetColorMap XYZSetColorMap sets a color map name used to fill a contour map or 3D surface map.
att_add_data att_add_data
att_add_file att_add_file copies a file from the hard drive into the attachments. If bLink is TRUE (1) only a link will be created. ret is TRUE (1) or an error object (see error_create).
att_close att_close closes the attachments. Before a document is saved, the attachments must be closed.
att_delete att_delete removes an attachment.
att_dialog att_dialog displays the attachment dialog box.
att_dir att_dir
att_export att_export saves the given attachments in a specified path on the hard drive.
att_get_data att_get_data
att_get_props att_get_props returns the name/value pairs of the file by the name name.
att_load att_load copies an attachment from the attachment file attsSource into the open file. If bOverwrite is TRUE (1) (default value is FALSE (0)) attachments with identical names are overwritten. Otherwise they will be ignored.
att_move att_move moves an attachment into a different directory.
att_open att_open opens the document attachments or external attachment files.
att_rename att_rename renames an attachment.
att_save att_save saves a file in an attachment file or IPZ document.
att_set_props att_set_props
g_arc g_arc adds an arc to the active path. rsX, rsY specify the bottom left corner of the rectangle with size rsWidth and rsHeigth.
g_close g_close closes a UniPlot graphic meta fle and copies the bits into the obect specified with g_create.
g_close_path g_close_path closes a path. The function adds a line from the last point to the first point.
g_create g_create creates a UniPlot vector graphic meta file in memory.
g_ellipse g_ellipse prints an ellipse.
g_fill g_fill fills a path. The function invokes g_new_path, which will deactivate the path.
g_fill_preserve g_fill_preserve fills a path without invoking g_new_path.
g_line_to g_line_to adds a line to the active path starting from the current position to the specified coordinates.
g_marker g_marker plots markers at the specified position. rvX and rvY are vectors of the same length.
g_move_to g_move_to sets the drawing pen to the specified position.
g_new_path g_new_path deletes the active path and creates a new path. This function is called by g_fill and g_stroke automatically.
g_pattern_add_color_stop_rgb g_pattern_add_color_stop_rgb adds color stops to the color gradient. The value of offset are between 0.0 und 1.0. The offset sets the position of a color inside the color gradient. See example.
g_pattern_create_linear g_pattern_create_linear creates a linear color gradient along the line (x0,y0) to (x1,y1).
g_pattern_destroy g_pattern_destroy destroys a color gradient.
g_polyline g_polyline adds lines to the active path.
g_set_font g_set_font sets a font.
g_set_font_handle g_set_font_handle sets a font.
g_set_line_cap g_set_line_cap sets the line cap.
g_set_line_join g_set_line_join sets the line join.
g_set_line_style g_set_line_style sets the line style.
g_set_line_width g_set_line_width sets the line width in 0.1 mm steps.
g_set_marker g_set_marker sets a marker style.
g_set_source g_set_source sets a color gradient created with g_pattern_create_linear.
g_set_source_rgb g_set_source_rgb sets the color and transparency for lines and fillings.
g_set_transformation g_set_transformation sets a transformation to world coordinaes or centimeter coordinates (ssType is “WC” or CM”).
g_stroke g_stroke draws a line along the path. The function invokes g_new_path, which will deactivate the path.
g_stroke_preserve g_stroke_preserve draws a line along the path without invoking g_new_path.
g_text g_text plots text.
pie pie plots a pie chart.
pie_get_props pie_get_props returns an object with the pie options (name/value pairs).
pie_set_props pie_set_props sets the pie options.
  Modified Functions in UniPlot R2017.0 (5.90.0)
ImageGetType ImageGetType returns the picture file type.
OBJGetSolidColor OBJGetSolidColor sets the solid color to fill a drawing object or diagram.
OBJSetSolidColor OBJSetSolidColor sets the solid RGB color to fill a drawing object or diagram.
PageSaveAsMetafile PageSaveAsMetafile creates a Windows Meta File (.WMF), a Enhanced Metafile (.EMF), Metafile with Extensions (EMF+) or a combination of EMF and EMF+ (EMF+Dual) from the given page.
XYGetFillColor XYGetFillColor returns fill color for the area under the curve.
XYSetFillColor XYSetFillColor sets the fill color for the area under the curve.