pie plots a pie chart.

hText = pie(rvX)
hText = pie(rvX, options)

Return Value

hText is a handle of a pie chart. The pie chart uses a text object as as its drawing object.



rvX is a real vector with x coordinates. Only the first 32 values are used for the pie chart.


options is an object with parameters to display the pie chart. The following parameters are evaluated:

Name Type Default Description
color_scale string "Paired" Name of a color scale. See ColorScale_GetNames for a complete list.
colors real or string "" Color for each slide. Matrix with three columns. If not specified, the parameter will be filled with the color_scale colors.
edge_color real or string "black" Color used to draw the edge line. If set to “auto”, the edge line will be draw in a darker slice color. Other values [255,0,0]
edge_show real 1 If set to TRUE (1), the edge line will be drawn.
edge_width real 1 Edge line width in 0.1 mm units.
explode real 0 Vector with explode values in percent of the chart width. The value specifies how far a slice is pulled out of the chart.
hPage real 0 Is a page handle. The chart will be added to the specified page. If set to 0 or if the parameter does not exists in the options parameter, a document with an empty page will be created.
labels string "" Is a string vector with a label for each value. The default value is an empty string.
label_show real 1 If TRUE (1), the slice label outside the pie chart are displayed.
legend_show real 0 Display a legend table with two or three columns. It shows the color, the label text and the value (optional).
legend_values_show real 0 Display the values in the legend.
legend_position real right left|right|top|bottom
subplot real vector [1,1,2,2] subplot is a vector with 4 elements [iRow, iCol, nRows, nCols]. The parameter is used to set the size and position of a pie chart on a page. The page will be divided in rows and columns (nRows, nCols). The first two elements selects the cell used to place the chart. Example: Use the full page: [1,1,1,1]. Use the lower half: [2,1,2,1]. Instead of the parameter subplot you can specify the x, y, width, height parameters in cm.
sweep_angle real 360 Total angle of the pie chart in the range 1° to 360°. Default value is 360°.
start_angle real 0 The angle 0° degree is at 3 0’clock. The angle is measured counterclockwise.
x real 0 Position of the left edge in cm.
y real 0 Position of the bottom edge in cm.
width real 0 Chart width in cm.
height real 0 Chart height in cm.
value_format string "%g %%" Is a format string. To display two decimal places: “%.2lf %%”. “%%” prints the percent symbol. See printf.
value_percent real 1 If 1, the values are displayed as a number in percent.
values real 0 Values for the chart. The values are converted to percent values. The pie function will fill this parameter with the values in the rvX parameter.
values_show real 1 If set to 1, the slices are labelled with their values.
transparency real 255 255: opaque, 127: half transparent, 0: transparent
title string "" Is the chart title. Will be displayed in the upper left corner.
title_show real 1 If set to 1 the title text will be displayed.


The following example will create a pie chart in a new document.

pie([0.1, 0.4, 0.2])
hPie = pie([72, 8, 20], [. title="2030", labels = ["Cat A", "Cat B", "Cat C"], color_scheme = "Blues", legend_show = 1])


pie_get_props returns an object with the pie options (name/value pairs).

props = pie_get_props(hText)

Return value

props is an object with parameters.



hText is the handle of the pie chart (text object).


* h = pie([72, 8, 20], [. title="2030", labels = ["Cat A", "Cat B", "Cat C"], color_scheme = "Blues", legend_show = 1])
* pie_get_props(h)
    color_scheme = "Blues"
    colors = ""
    edge_color = "auto"
    edge_show = 1
    edge_width = 1
    explode[3;1] = [0, 0, 0]
    hPage = 29
    label_show = 1
    labels[3;1] = ["Cat A", "Cat B", "Cat C"]
    show_legend = 1
    show_legend_values = 0
    start_angle = 0
    subplot[1;4] = [1, 1, 2, 2]
    sweep_angle = 360
    table_uuid = "uuid:999ff6d8-c7a4-4a63-89ab-95570d17a1e2"
    title = "2030"
    title_show = 1
    transparency = 255
    value_format = "%g %%"
    value_percent = 1
    values[3;1] = [72, 8, 20]
    values_show = 1
object (obj at 0x72AEFF68)


pie_set_props sets the pie options.

bool = pie_set_props(hText, props)

Return value




hText is the handle of the pie chart (text object).


props is an object with the parameters.


The pie function uses the new graphic interface. See g_create.


Version Description
R2017 New.