AppSetGlobalOption sets a value of an option from Tools=>More Options.

bool = AppSetGlobalOption(ssOption, val)

Return Value




ssOption is one of the following options:

Option Name Datatype Default Value Description
“user-home-directory” string   see GetUserDirectory.
“netcdf-directory” string  

Directory to save the imported data files (netCDF files) The directory must exist.

If the directory is not specified, the data files are saved in the directory of the source file.

“delay-loading” integer 1 Delayed loading of MDF- and TDM data files enabled.
“update-shortcut-programs” integer 0 Creates or updates the start menu settings for UniPlot.
“update-shortcut-desktop” integer 0 Creates or updates the desktop icon for UniPlot.
“update-shortcut-quicklaunch” integer 0 Creates or updates the Quick Launch Toolbar for UniPlot.
“nc-allow-special-chars” integer 0

1: The following 10 special characters will not be replaced by underscores in channel names during import: ., -, +, , #, ~, !, ^, &, %.

0 (Default): The special characters will be replaced by underscores.

“auto-compact” integer 1 Defracment IPW files automatically during file closing.
“gdi-driver” integer 3 Driver für screen output: “1: GDI”, “2: GDI+”, “3: Direct2D (Default)”
“gdi-driver-printer” integer 1 Drive for printer output: “1: GDI (Default)”, “2: GDI+”

val is the option value.


Version Description
R2012 (5.40.0) Removed the options standard-netcdf-files and max-data-import.
5.14.7 New Options.
5.9 New.