Creates a new document with one page or a new editor.


To create a new document, you must complete the following steps:

  • Choose File=>New.
  • Choose an element from the list.
  • Click OK to create the document.

[Program Editor]

This element creates a new editor. The file will be saved in Text-Format.

[Text Editor]

This element creates a new text editor.

Elements in the list correspond to the page names of the template file template-en.ipz. This file is found in UniPlot’s Template directory. The file can be changed to personal choice. For example, a company logo, a frame or other symbols can be inserted to the file. Pages can be added or deleted.

The Standard Template File can be replaced by another template file by using the Tools=>More Options command.


The File=>New command is written in UniScript. The source code is found in the file :file:`uniplot\file-new.ic.`.

Button: Main_New

See also

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