New in R2024

This page describes the changes made to UniPlot R2024 since UniPlot version R2023.

New in R2024.0 (2024-03-01)


  • (UNI-523): Improve start-up process to provide feedback on read access of user personal script.
  • (UNI-336): Create support request via the new button available in Help/Create Support Ticket....
  • (UNI-598): Sequencer: Number of available Data Slots increased from 3 to 100.
  • (UNI-606): Sequencer: Harmonized validation indicators in the Sequencer Bar. Added indicators to the sequence list in the workspace area.
  • Sequencer: Many additional configuration parameter may now be configured via Runtime Values. Input fields of Runtime Values provide suggestions foe easier usage. The Run Mode of a looped action now writes an additional index Runtime Value.
  • (UNI-600): Sequencer: The output file of the action File synchronization can now be assigned to a Slot if the file got newly created.

Bug Fixes

  • (UNI-574): Import of ETAS MDA templates (*.xdx) was not working properly if the template had no formula.
  • (UNI-602): When adding a new axis as a copy of one using the “add axis” button, the user labels were copied and it leads to confusion. The function has been updated to avoid this behavior.
  • (UNI-611): The time left for the maintenance contract was not properly computed depending on the time zone.
  • Make atan2(c_y, c_x) available as a formula function.