What’s New in UniPlot 5.6.3

This page describes the changes made to UniPlot 5.6.3 since version 5.6.2.

New Features

  • Program Editor and Command Window: The typeface name and size of the font can be set. Only monospaced fonts like “Courier New” or “consolas” can be used. See also UniPlot’s Use of the Windows Registry.

    Here are the default settings:

    WriteProfileString("Settings", "editor-window-font-name", "Courier New");
    WriteProfileInt("Settings", "editor-window-font-size", 10);
    WriteProfileString("Settings", "command-window-font-name", "Courier New");
    WriteProfileInt("Settings", "command-window-font-size", 14);
  • DialogBox: The text size for each cell in the report control was limited to 254 characters. The new size is limited to 4095 characters.

  • Two new filter functions for 2D datasets have been added: FFT: Filter and FFT: Frequence-Spectrum. To add a filter, doubleclick a curve and click the Filter button.

  • The @f{labeldataset} field function has been modified. The label position can now be set using the mouse.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • (ID1678): The DocAddPage function failed if the page was located in a different document. The function could be used if the page was newly created with the PageCreate function.
  • (ID1677): The DocInsertPage could not be used because of a bug in the function.
  • (ID1681): PDF-Export: If the path name contained a percent sign the function DocPrintPDF and File=>PDF-Export failed.
  • (ID1682): The rspline filter function failed for non-monotone 2D datasets.
  • (ID1685): In the print preview (File=>Print Preview), the displayed page sometimes flickered rapidly and a memory access violation could occur. This bug occurred only in UniPlot 5.6.0 and 5.6.1. This bug was partly fixed in UniPlot 5.6.2 (ID1662).
  • (ID1692): The Label Data Points field function for 2D-datasets was incorrect. If the configuration was modified by a right mouse click on one of the labels and then selecting the Edit Label command the function did not work correctly if the dataset contained more than 50 data points. The function created a label for each data point and slowed down UniPlot significantly.
  • (ID1694): Data=>Data Exchange (Page): The group name of MDF files (e.g. INCA) was not handled correctly if the group name was removed in the new data files. The function has been modified to remove the group name from all channel names. This simplifies the channel selection.
  • (ID1700): 2D-Datasets were not removed from the memory when the document was closed. This bug was in all versions since 5.3.1
  • (ID1703): 2D-Datasets: Datasets with non monotone x-coordinates could not be edited using the Edit Y coordinate button. See Data=>Edit 2D-Dataset Coordinates.
  • (ID1704): File=>More File Functions=>Synchronize Data Files The channel attributes add_offset and scale_factor for time channels were partly not evaluated. Example: If a time channel was measured in milli seconds and the scale_factor was set to 0.001, the offset calculation and data preview was correct. but in the calculation that followed when the OK button was pressed the scale_factor was ignored.
  • (ID1705): For 1 point datasets the Line Style Hatch Style and Fill Color button were deactivated. Now they are activated and can be used.