What’s New in UniPlot 5.12.0

This page describes the changes made to UniPlot 5.12.0 since version 5.11.1.


  • Data=>Linear Interpolation. New type Relative Deviation (y2-y1)/y1 * 100 added. The Info text of the created datasets now displayes the Info of both datasets separated by a colon.

  • Channel names are treated differently for UTX data files and Text- or Excel data files. Spaces in UTX files are replaced by underscores. In Text or Excel files spaces are removed.

    To change the UTX import filter to remove the spaces from the channel names, type in the following command into UniPlot command window:

    WriteProfileInt("settings", "utx_trim_channelnames", 1)

    Type 0 instead of 1 to switch to underscores. The value is saved in the windows registry.

  • Data Tooltip: With the toolbar button Cursor_Tooltip the tooltips for date can be enabled or disabled. The tooltips display information about 2D-datasets. If the mouse cursor is on a data point, the tooltip displays information about the data point. If the cursor is between data points, a cross cursor is displayed.

  • PDF-Export: The page names are saved as bookmarks in the PDF file.

  • UTX-Data, Text-, Excel Files: Rows in the data block beginning with the number sign (#) will be saved in the NC file as missing_values. See also UTX Data File Format.

New UniScript Functions

  New Functions in UniPlot 5.12.0
AppIsDataTooltip Checks if the data tooltips are enabled.
AppSetDataTooltip Enables or disables the data tooltips.
ObjGetUserData ObjGetUserData returns a data-object, set with ObjSetUserData.
ObjSaveUserData ObjSaveUserData save the data of a data-object added with ObjSetUserData in the connected IPW file.
ObjSetUserData ObjSetUserData saves a data-object created by obj_create in a UniPlot-object (dataset, diagram, page, drawing object, etc.).
corrcoef corrcoef returns the correlation coefficient. Its square is the coefficient of determination.
cov cov returns the covariance of its parameter.

Modified UniScript Functions

The changes are listed in the history table at the end of the function description.

  Modified Functions in UniPlot 5.12.0
AppQuit AppQuit closes UniPlot.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • (ID2013): The Window menu was sometimes not properly updated. Specifically, the Window menu failed to add new documents to the list.
  • (ID2217): DialogBox: If a dialog box contained a symbol combo box and used callback functions (for example for push buttons). UniPlot would crash if the callback function was invoked.
  • (ID2218): The channel attribute C_format of netCDF files was not evaluated correctly for hex or integer formats. For example the format C_format = 0x%08x formats a decimal value 1000 as 0x00001001. For MDF files (INCA) an empty channel attribute C_format will be written to the NC file. If needed, the format string can be set in the data browser.
  • (ID2228): 2D-Curves: If an axis was log scaled the data point symbols were missing. This bug was in all versions since version 5.10.1.