What’s New in UniPlot 4.2.8

This page describes the changes made to UniPlot 4.2.8 since version 4.2.7.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs has been fixed:

  • (ID1044): The commands File=>Close (Save Compact) and File=>Save As saved the file with 512 bytes per sector, even if the source file was saved with 4096 bytes per sector. That could cause problems if the file contained a high number of datasets (e.g. > 800) (see also Tools=>Options).
  • (ID1045): The auto_xyz_SetIsolineStyle functions had an error.
  • (ID1046): The ObjCopy function did not copy the object name of text objects.
  • (ID1048): The commands File=>Close (Save Compact) and File=>Save As could be very slow if the document contained a huge number of pages and/or datasets. The performance has been improved.
  • (ID1049): The modified flag for document pages was sometimes set incorrectly. Due to this problem the save command was sometimes slow.