What’s New in UniPlot 4.2.7

This page describes the changes made to UniPlot 4.2.7 since version 4.2.6.

New UniScript Functions

  New Functions in UniPlot 4.2.7
ObjCopy ObjCopy creates new objects from existing objects.
XYZCopy XYZCopy creates a copy of a 3D dataset.

Modified UniScript Functions

  Changed Functions in UniPlot 4.2.7
CBCreate Creates an Combined-Block Object which can hold one or more drawing objects (Circle, Text, Line, etc.).
EBCreate EBCreate creates an elliptic drawing object.
HatchCreate HatchCreate creates a hatch object. A hatch object is used for x/y datasets.
ImageCreate ImageCreate creates a picture object.
LBCreate LBCreate creates a line or arrow drawing object.
LayerCreate LayerCreate creates a new diagram.
MarkerCreate Creates a symbol to mark data points of a dataset.
PenCreate Creates a pen object.
RBCreate RBCreate creates a rectangular drawing object.
TBCreate TBCreate creates a new text object.
TableCreate TableCreate create a new table object.
XYCopy XYCopy creates a copy of a 2D dataset.
nc_set_option nc_set_option sets an option.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs has been fixed:

  • (ID993): NC files: The ignore case option could only be set for a single nc file. The function has been modified so that the flag can be set globally:

    nc_set_option(ncid, "nocase", 1);
    // For all NC files (ncid = -1)
    nc_set_option(-1, "nocase", 1);
  • (ID998): Online Help: The function help index was not listed in the correct sort order.

  • (ID1000): An error object could not be added to a UniScript object.

    o = [.]; o.e = error_create("test", 1, "message");
  • (ID1016): Sometimes the wait cursor did not change to an arrow cursor.

  • (ID1027): If a string matrix contained NULL characters the string was truncated at the first 0-Byte character:

    Example: sm = ["a\x0b", ""]; sm[1;1] != "a\x0b";.

  • (ID1028): The print output of a real matrix into the command window could not be canceled with the ESC key, example: print rand(10000,1).

  • (ID1032): The DialogBox function had multiple errors (UniPlot 4.2.4 to 4.2.6).

  • (ID1037): 3D Dataset: If the option “Fit to Gradient” for the isoline labels was set, the gradient was not recalculated if the diagram size or scaling changed.