UniScript R2014

This document lists new and changed functions in R2014.

The changes are listed in the history table at the end of the function description.

UniScript R2014.4

  New Functions in UniPlot R2014.4 (5.60.4)
excel_sheet_get_row_type2 excel_sheet_get_row_type2 returns a real matrix with the data types of a section of an Excel sheet.
  Modified Functions in UniPlot R2014.4 (5.60.4)
RegDelete RegDelete deletes the named registry value of the current key.

UniScript R2014.3

  New Functions in UniPlot R2014.3 (5.60.3)
AppOnCloseCallback AppOnCloseCallback will be invoked, when UniPlot is closed. The function must be provided by the user.
OBJGetVisible OBJGetVisible determines whether a diagram (layer) or drawing object is visible.
OBJSetVisible OBJSetVisible shows or hides a diagram or drawing object.
auto_CalculateNCFormula auto_CalculateNCFormula adds a calculated channel to an NC file.
  Modified Functions in UniPlot R2014.3 (5.60.3)
NC_ExportData NC_ExportData converts UniPlot data files (.nc, .nc2) into another data format.
NC_SynchronizeTime This function can be used to calculate the time offset (delay) between two data files. Example: Data files from two different data loggers that have been triggered manually.
PageGetBoundingRect PageGetBoundingRect returns the bounding box of the document page.
XYGetMarkerFrequence XYGetMarkerFrequence.
XYSetMarkerFrequence XYSetMarkerFrequence sets the marker frequency.
obj_load obj_load loads an object saved with obj_save from the hard drive.
obj_save obj_save saves an object as an XML file or as an binary file on the hard drive or as a string.

UniScript R2014.2

  Modified Functions in UniPlot R2014.2 (5.60.2)
LayerGetBoundingBox LayerGetBoundingBox returns the bounding box of a diagram. The bounding box is a rectangle that encloses all diagram elements and drawing objects.

UniScript R2014.0

  New Functions in UniPlot R2014.0 (5.60.0)
Browser_FileClickCallback Browser_FileChangeCallback is invoked by the framework if the file name is changed in the file combo box.
ColorScale_GetColors ColorScale_GetColors returns a matrix with colors.
ColorScale_GetNames ColorScale_GetNames returns the names of the predefined color scales.
EmptyClipboard EmptyClipboard empties the clipboard.
GetClipboardObject GetClipboardObject reads an UniScript object from the clipboard.
LayerGetAxisUserLabel LayerGetAxisUserLabel retrieves the user labels. The user labels are labels which can be places at the axis. The labels can display text.
LayerGetAxisUserLabelAttribs LayerGetAxisUserLabelAttribs returns the display attributes for axis labels.
LayerGetCategoryGapWidth LayerGetCategoryGapWidth gets the gap between the the categorys of a category plot.
LayerGetCategoryOverlap LayerGetCategoryOverlap gets the gap between the the categorys of a category plot.
LayerSetAxisUserLabel LayerSetAxisUserLabel sets the user labels. The user labels are labels which can be places at the axis. The labels can display text.
LayerSetAxisUserLabelAttribs LayerSetAxisUserLabelAttribs sets display attributes for axis labels.
LayerSetCategoryGapWidth LayerSetCategoryGapWidth sets the gap size between categories of a category plot.
LayerSetCategoryOverlap LayerSetCategoryOverlap sets the overlap between the datasets (bars) of a category plot.
NC_plotcategory NC_plotcategory plots a category plot with grouped bars. Invokes plotcategory to create the plot.
SetClipboardObject SetClipboardObject writes an UniScript object into the clipboard.
XYGetBarLabelFont XYGetBarLabelFont returns the font of a 2D dataset bar label.
XYGetBarLabelFormat XYGetBarLabelFormat returns the number format of the bar labels.
XYGetBarLabelPos XYGetBarAttrib returns the position of the label for 2D dataset bars.
XYGetStacked XYGetStacked returns 1, if the dataset (bar) is stacked on the previous dataset.
XYIsBarLabel XYIsBarLabel returns TRUE (1), if the bars are labeled.
XYIsLegendTextProtected XYIsLegendTextProtected determines if the dataset legend text is protected.
XYProtectLegendText XYProtectLegendText protects the legend text of a dataset.
XYSetBarLabelFont XYSetBarLabelFont
XYSetBarLabelFormat XYSetBarLabelFormat sets the label format for bars in a category plot.
XYSetStacked XYSetStacked specifies, if the dataset (bar) is stacked on the previous dataset. Only used in a category plot.
XYShowBarLabel XYShowBarLabel turns the bar labels or off.
nc_get_enum_values nc_get_enum_values return a matrix with enum values or an empty string.
plotcategory plotcategory plots a category plot with grouped bars.
xml_simple xml_simple converts a valid XML string into a UniScript object.
  Modified Functions in UniPlot R2014.0 (5.60.0)
@f{3dlegend} Creates a legend for 3D datasets.
@f{datasetfilter} Displayes the record filter for the given dataset.
Browser_GetControlSelection Browser_GetControlSelection returns the selected elements in the controls of the data browser window.
LayerGetAxisScale LayerGetAxisScale returns the scale type of the specified axis.
LayerSetAxisLabel LayerSetAxisLabel specifies the text of the axis labels.
LayerSetAxisLabelFormat LayerSetAxisLabelFormat specifies the number format of the axis labels.
LayerSetAxisScale LayerSetAxisScale specifies the scale type of a diagram axis.