8. Overview ClipboardΒΆ

ClipboardToField Reads data in text format from the clipboard. The ClipboardToField works the same way as the FileToField function. The only difference is that the first parameter of ClipboardToField is a scalar string with the value "Clipboard".
EmptyClipboard EmptyClipboard empties the clipboard.
GetClipboardObject GetClipboardObject reads an UniScript object from the clipboard.
GetClipboardText GetClipboardText gets text from the clipboard.
PageCopyToClipboard PageCopyToClipboard copies a page to the clipboard.
PageInsertFromClipboard PageInsertFromClipboard pastes the clipboard contents into the given page.
PagePaste PagePaste inserts clipboard data into a UniPlot document page. The function supports only the OLE format and the UniPlot format.
PagePasteSpecial PagePasteSpecial inserts clipboard data into the active layer of UniPlot document page.
PagePasteSpecialDialog PagePasteSpecialDialog inserts clipboard data into the active layer of UniPlot document page. If the data is available in different formats, a selection dialog box is displayed.
SetClipboardObject SetClipboardObject writes an UniScript object into the clipboard.
SetClipboardText SetClipboardText writes text into the clipboard.
clipboard_enum clipboard_enum returns an integer array of clipboard formats.
clipboard_format_name clipboard_format_name returns the format name for a given format index. See clipboard_enum.
clipboard_get_data clipboard_get_data returns the clipboard data as a string. The sting can contain 0-characters.
clipboard_is clipboard_is checks if the given format is in the clipboard.