9. Overview EditorsΒΆ

The editor is a text editor for editing UniScript source code, text and data files in text format (UTX files).

The EdCreate functions creates a new editor window. The function returns a handle (a number greater than 0) to the editor. To destroy the editor window call EdDestroy..

The EdSetText function can be used to insert text via UniScript into the editor. EdGetText returns the complete text of an editor.


hedit = EdCreate();
EdSetText(hedit, "First text liner\nSecond text line");

Some features:

  • Syntax-Highlighting for UniScript- and XML-files.
  • Multistep Undo/Redo.
  • Handles big data files (> 100 MB).
  • Rectangular selection (hold Alt key and select using the mouse).
  • Read and write UNICODE files.
  Create and Destroy
EdCreate EdCreate creates a new editor.
EdDestroy EdDestroy destroys the given editor and frees any memory that the editor occupies.
EdClear EdClear deletes the current selection in the editor.
EdCopy EdCopy copies the current editor selection into the Clipboard.
EdCut EdCut deletes the current editor selection and copies the deleted text to the clipboard.
EdEmptyUndoBuffer EdEmptyUndoBuffer clears the editor undo flag.
EdFind EdFind finds a string in an editor.
EdFindReplace EdFindReplace replaces a string in an editor.
EdFoldAll EdFoldAll
EdGotoPos EdGotoPos sets the cursor to the given position
EdLineScroll EdLineScroll scrolls the text in an editor.
EdPaste EdPaste inserts the data from the clipboard into the editor at the current cursor position.
EdPrint The EdPrint function prints a document to the printer.
EdReplaceSel EdReplaceSel replaces the current selection with the specified text.
EdSave EdSave saves the editor text to disk.
EdSaveModified EdSaveModified saves the text of the editor if the modification flag is set.
EdSetActivePane EdSetActivePane sets the active pane of a splitter window.
EdSetEncoding EdSetEncoding sets the output coding of an editor.
EdSetLexer EdSetLexer sets the file type for the syntax highlighting.
EdSetMarginType EdSetMarginType
EdSetModify EdSetModify sets or clears the modification flag of the editor.
EdSetPathName EdSetPathName sets the file name.
EdSetReadOnly EdSetReadOnly sets the read-only flag.
EdSetSplit EdSetSplit splits the editor window horizontal, vertical or removes the split.
EdSetTabStops EdSetTabStops sets the tab stops in the editor.
EdSetText EdSetText replaces the text of the editor.
EdShow EdShow shows or hides a editor window.
EdToggleFolding EdToggleFolding
EdUndo EdUndo reverses the last editor operation.
EdCanPaste EdCanPaste checks if the objects in the clipboard have a format that is supported by UniPlot editor.
EdCanUndo EdCanUndo checks if the last editor operation can be undone.
EdGetActivePane EdGetActivePane returns the active pane in a splitter window.
EdGetCurrentPos EdGetCurrentPos returns the cursor position in characters from the beginning of the file.
EdGetCursorPos EdGetCursorPos returns the cursor position in column/row coordinates.
EdGetEncoding EdGetEncoding gets the output encoding of an editor.
EdGetLexer EdGetLexer gets the type of the syntax highlighting.
EdGetLine EdGetLine retrieves a line of text from an editor.
EdGetLineCount EdGetLineCount returns the number of lines in an editor.
EdGetLineFromPos EdGetLineFromPos returns the line number for the given position.
EdGetLineLen EdGetLineLen retrieves the length of a line in an editor.
EdGetMarginType EdGetMarginType
EdGetModify EdGetModify determines if the contents of a editor window has been modified.
EdGetPathName EdGetPathName returns the editor file name.
EdGetPosFromLine EdGetPosFromLine returns the position of the given line. The position is the number of characters from the beginning of the file.
EdGetSel EdGetSel returns the start and end position of the selection.
EdGetSelectedText EdGetSelectedText retrieves the selected text of an editor.
EdGetSplit EdGetSplit checks if the editor is displayed as a splitter window.
EdGetTabStops EdGetTabStops returns the tab stop size in number of characters.
EdGetText EdGetText copies the text from the given editor into a string variable.
EdGetWnd EdGetWnd returns the window handle
EdIsReadOnly EdIsReadOnly checks if the read-only flag is set.