What’s New in UniPlot 5.6.1

This page describes the changes made to UniPlot 5.6.1 since version 5.6.0.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • (ID1431): If a file was selected using the File=>Open dialog box and the file was not an IPW file, the file was loaded into an editor. A “file cannot be opened” message box now appears.
  • (ID1469): XYIsTYDataset: For datasets with 0 data points, the function always returned the value TRUE (1) even for XY-datasets.
  • (ID1562): fspline: The function returned the value 0 if the y-coordinates were constant (y = constant). (The bug was fixed in 5.6.0, but wasn’t added to the bug list).
  • (ID1574): ASAM-ODS (RPC): If a submatrix contained 0 records, the function to merge the submatrices failed.
  • (ID1575): If a page was removed from a saved UniPlot document (*.ipw), the modified flag was not set.
  • (ID1577): Sometimes datasets and their maps were not removed from the IPW file when the document was closed.
  • (ID1584): Excel-Import: The sheet name was not added to the origin attribute in the netCDF file. Without the sheet name, users had difficulties with the data exchange function. Example: d:test.xls [sheet1].
  • (ID1601): Diagram: Drawing objects were not moved correctly with the diagram when the arrow keys were held down.
  • (ID1613): ExcelRead: The function did not return Unicode strings. For formulas with a string result, the function returned an empty string. (Example: =Sheet!A1). This bug occurred as well in the File=>Import Data command when an Excel file was selected.
  • (ID1614): Datasource could not be edited. For example, the datasources to calculate a difference map could not be renamed when the page name was changed. The dialog box can be accessed via the dataset context menu. Right click on a dataset and select Edit Function Parameters…. See Data=>Edit Function List.
  • (ID1634): TCM-Import-filter: The TCM-Filter addin library was not compiled correctly. If the addin was loaded, the bug caused problems with the File=>Import Data command.
  • (ID1641): NC-Browser: Add DataFiles: This function had a bug which occurred if two files contained string channels and a different number of channels A waring was added to the event viewer: “Grid Add Data”, “Channels have different data types, Name xxx”.
  • (ID1642): If more than one MDF file was open simultaneously, a memory access violation occurred. This bug occurred only in UniPlot 5.6.0 if a netCDF file was open in the data browser and a second file was imported using the File=>Import Data command.
  • (ID1644): UTX-Filter: The channel name was missing in the NC attribute long_name, if the norm name addin was used and the scheme name did not exist in the norm name catalog.
  • (ID1645): If a isoline label was removed from a XYZ dataset using the Toolbar=>Data, the isoline was plotted over the isoline labels. This bug has been fixed.